Violence awareness

What is violence?

Violence is an extreme form of aggression or exertion of physical force so as to injure or abuse.

  • What are the common forms of violence?

    1.Verbal Abuse - In verbal abuse, language is the weapon of aggression; it is used to hurt the partner through spoken words or in written form including abusive text messages.

    2.Physical Abuse - This is the most violent form of abuse in which the abuser inflicts pain or injury on the victim through such despicable acts like slapping, kicking, boxing, pulling hair, shoving, biting, choking, beating with belt, hitting and twisting of arms. The abusive incidents may be occasional or regular and may start with verbal altercation that leads to a tension-building phase which results in beating.

    3.Emotional or Psychological Abuse - Like the other abuses, it is motivated by urges for power and control. The goal is to systematically diminish the partner to the extent that the partner loses his/her self confidence and now yields his/her self to the control of the partner

    4.Sexual Abuse - In this form of abuse, the husband reduces the mate to a sex object and would make her do demeaning sexual things that are against her beliefs

    5.Economic abuse- A partner uses economic blockade to gain control of the mate. The man may prevent the wife from seeking gainful employment so that she would be forced to ask for money for her needs

    6.Isolation - This form of abuse aims at limiting the mate's access to other persons who are in a position to mitigate the abuse of his/her partner or who can influence him/her to change.

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