7th Grade Brass 1/13/2016

Today Among the Clouds

4 Minute Timer
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Among the Clouds

Clouds SLOW with Right Notes!!!!

C Major Scale (again) This will be your test Today

Low Brass and Percussion

C___ D___ E___ F___ G___ A___ B___ C___ B___ A___ G___ F___ E___ D___ C


D___ E___ F#___ G___ A____ B____ C#___ D___ C#___ B___ A___ G___ F#___ E___ D

13___ 12___ 2___ 0___ 12___ 2___ 12___ 1___ 12___ 2___ 12___ 0___ 2___ 12___ 13

1896: the first x-ray was taken by H-L Smith. It was a picture of a hand with a bullet in it.