Destination Imagination

K-2 Rising Stars Team

What is DI?

Most of us are new to DI and that's okay! We will figure this out together! If you haven't already, read this parent info letter from DI headquarters that explains what DI is all about. I am convinced that this is going to be such an awesome experience for our kiddos I'm willing to jump in with both feet and figure it out as we go! After you have explored all of this information, please fill out the "Sign Me Up" form at the bottom of this page.
Destination Imagination: Imagine the Possibilities

Our Team

Rising Stars Team (We'll let the kids come up with a better name!)

Since our kiddos are not in 3rd grade yet they are automatically in the "rising stars" DI team and they do not "compete". We will still take our team to the tournament in March (in Cedar Park) where they will participate in the showcase. At the showcase, they present what they create in the challenge and are critiqued by judges (parent volunteers). This is a great experience for them to practice speaking in public as well as being a team player!

What our kids will do:

At our team meetings your kiddos will participate in an activity that prepares them for our challenge. They will do activities that help build leadership skills such as communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking. Once we get a few skills down, our team will really start to focus on preparing for the challenge. If our team really hits it off, we may plan some other optional STEM related outings/socials but we will totally play that (and our schedules!) by ear!

Please have them eat in advance, but if they are hungry please send them with a snack. To cut down on cost, and stay focused on our task, we will not plan on providing snack time at the team meeting.

The Rising Star Challenge 2016

Since our kiddos are in Rising Stars, they don't choose their challenge. The challenge our kids will be working on is below. Is your kiddo into writing plays, building props, acting and learning about maps?! Then this may be a great experience for them!
Big image

Fees & Other Requirements To Participate

I need to keep this as affordable as possible! How about you? :)

This is what we are required to pay up front:

$60 - to register our team with DI

$40 - to register our team for the tournament

(Depending on the # of kids on our team this will be $15-$20.)

Other expenses you can expect:

Donate supplies or money for materials toward the project (I expect this to be a max of $40 per kiddo but will keep you all in the loop as we progress.)

Optional expenses:

Team shirts - $15 (we can decide on this later...maybe even get a sponsor!)

Volunteer requirements:

Team leader: leads the kids activity, communicates with the group and attends training (that's me!)

Co leader: Keeps the team leader sane ___TBD____

Volunteer Appraiser (Judge) for the tournament: ____TBD____

Volunteer at the tournament (4 hours): _____TBD_____

Parent Involvement Is Oh So Important!

Our challenge is going to require materials! Instead of collecting money, I would rather just collect the supplies that the kids need as our project begins to take shape. This is where I am going to need your help! :) As we go through this journey I will be sending out messages via our Facebook group with our announcements and needs. Please, please, help when you can! :)

During the weekly meetings you are welcome to stay and help or you can come back and pick them up but please try to be on time.

Also consider volunteering for the March'll already be at the tournament anyways! :) Our team HAS to provide 2 judges and 4 hours of volunteering or else we have to pay up to $200! ouch!

Important Dates

Our team will meet on Thursdays at 6:30-7:30 PM at my house in Plum Creek. I will PM you my address.

Our Team Meetings Are:

November 5, 12, 19

December 3, 10

January 7, 14, 21, 28

Feburary 4, 11, 18, 25

March 3

March 5th is the tournament in Cedar Park at Vista Ridge HS & Henry MS. More info to come.

Still need more info?

Here are the websites of our local organizations!

My contact info: Christie Rickert 512.787.9178

Sign Me Up!

Can you commit to:

  1. Being at all the team meetings.
  2. Paying your portion of the registration fees.
  3. Providing transportation for your kiddo to the March 5 tournament in Cedar Park.
  4. Providing transportation for our kiddo to attend the DI team meetings.
  5. Helping to collect materials for whatever the kids design.

If the answer is YES, tell me you're in by filling out this form (click link if it's not displaying for you below):