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Lakeview Staff Newsletter - January 24

1 Baby + 1 Baby - 1 Appendix + (1 Heart + 1 Kidney) = ??

Congrats again to Brianne, Amy, and their new families. New babies two Sundays in a row! We are excited for them and can't wait to meet the babies. Bronwyn's son had his appendix removed on Tuesday, and we wish him a quick recovery. And Bev's husband is out of the hospital with a new heart and a new kidney!

Culture Goals

At our December 20 staff meeting, I presented the data from our district culture survey and the breakdown for Lakeview (link to slides). I especially highlighted the category of questions about "empowerment". This group included questions such as "I have the opportunity to offer my input about decisions that affect my work" and "I am empowered to make improvements in my work". In the slides (especially slide 13), you can see that the perception at Lakeview as a group is that staff feels significantly less empowered than the district as a whole. The picture below demonstrates this.

Therefore, here is my culture goal:

I will cut the "empowerment" gap in half or better (from a score of -19 to a score of -9) so that staff at Lakeview feels closer to the same empowerment level as the whole district.

In order to do this, I will take these steps as part 1 of my action plan:

• Round will all Lakeview staff by March 13th using 5 questions that will take no more than 10 minutes per person. I may come to you before school, during prep time, or after school. The questions will ask about providing input on decisions, what decisions seem unclear, if you have the resources you need to do your job, and who has been especially helpful to you.

• When I am finished rounding, I will analyze the answers and publish the trends that I have gathered from the rounding process and what next steps can be taken together.

Big picture

Kindness Week

Please see the Jan 21 email from Sarah W as well as this document for staff that details the events of Kindness week. Students with coin war donations bring them to the lobby area during nutrition break each day. Plan for afternoon announcements at the end of each day at about 3:25. Spirit days:

Mon, Jan 27 - Rockstar day

Tues, Jan 28 - Mismatched clothes and/or crazy hair day

Wed, Jan 29 - Hat day

Thurs, Jan 30 - Sports/Team apparel day - Rocket football jerseys for all staff

Mon, Feb 3 - Pajama day

Looking ahead

Mon, Jan 27 - PALS window closes

Tues, Jan 28 - MAPS window officially closes

Wed, Jan 29:

• Staff Meeting (math) 7:15-8:15 in the library

• Chris, Jaime, and Kasia to TSS event in Pewaukee

Sunshine Appetizer Lunch

Fri, Jan 31 - PD Day - no students - link to schedule

Tues, Feb 4 - Mentoring session 4:00-5:15

Wed, Feb 5 - Music demos for 4th & 5th grades 1:00-1:30

Fri, Feb 7:

• Author Tanya Lee Stone visits - 10:45 assembly for grades 3-5 in library

• Literacy Night at the HS from 5:00-7:30

Why Mindfulness?

The short video below, called "Why Mindfulness is a Super Power" is from Nancy Nedland that reinforces the importance of mindfulness. It's not kid-appropriate (I'll let you discover the word that is used) so be mindful not to view it with students around.
Why Mindfulness Is a Superpower: An Animation

Structural Items

School Supply Lists for 2020-2021. Because I want you to have input on matters that impact your work, as we plan for our second year of using a common school supply list for all four elementary schools, I need to know if there are things on your list that need tweaking. The only comment I've heard this year is that 4th grade requests 5 folders instead of 4. If you have other requests like this, please discuss with your team and email me by January 31. If it doesn't make it into the final published list, we can purchase from building funds if it is truly a need.

Amplify Supplies - Remember that in each unit, there are "Teacher Supplied" consumable items (i.e., tape, celery). As we fine tune our Amplify ordering, check with in the office for non-perishables such as tape. If it is a time-sensitive perishable item such as celery, Kelly Cushion will order if you are specific with quantities and provide at least 3-days lead time ("I will need a 5-lb bag of flour on Thursday, Jan 30"). Remember: no teacher reimbursements at Lakeview, please.

Link to this week's family newsletter

Personal Day Blackouts - here is a link to blackout days for elementary personal days.