The Battle of Saratoga

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Leading up to the battles.

The plan that the British had was that General Burgoyne was to march from Canada and meet General William Howe halfway up the Hudson River. They then were going to attack General Horatio Gates and his army based in New York. But General Howe did not get General Burgoyne's message in time to march to meet him. Therefore General Horatio Gates and his army only had to face General Burgoyne and his army without the help of General Howe.
General Burgoyne crossed the Hudson River and set up his camp near Saratoga, New York. He brought 8,000 men with him to Saratoga. He left 1,000 men men behind in Fort Ticonderoga on his way there. General Horatio Gates had set up his camp about four miles away. His army consisted of 12,000 men with more troops arriving daily.
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The First Battle

The two armies collided on September 19, 1777. This battle was called the First Battle of Saratoga, or the Battle of Freeman's Farm. In this battle General Burgoyne failed to pierce General Horatio Gates army. Therefore General Burgoyne missed an opportunity to open a way to Albany, New York for the British.

The Final Battle

On October 7, 1777, General Burgoyne led 1,500 men on a reconnaissance mission outside of Saratoga. But he was met with a counter attack by men led by General Benedict Arnold. He and his army had joined with General Horatio Gates army. This Battle would be known as the Second Battle of Freeman's Farm, or the Battle of Bemis Hights. After this battle which was a Patriot victory General Burgoyne's army had been reduced to 5,000 troops that were fit to fight. Also Burgoyne was running low on supplies and ammunition.
General Burgoyne made an attempt to retreat on October 8, 1777. But Generals Horatio Gates and Benedict Arnold had him completely surrounded with about 20,000 men. General Burgoyne finally surrendered on October 17, 1777. He surrendered on the condition that his men could return home to Great Britain as long as they would not sever in the army in North America during the revolution.

A turning point

These battles were a turning point that helped influence the French to help with the revolution. The revolution was a success because of the help of the French.
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