NS10 Parent and Family Engagement

November 2022

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What's Happening This Month?

November 17th NS10 Parent Thanksgiving Luncheon

November 21-25 Thanksgiving Break

For more campus Observance Days, please see our Campus Calendar.

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Your NS10 Counselors Were Awarded a $5000.00 Grant from the GPISD Educational Foundation!

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A Calming Room is a space that is meant to be a supportive therapeutic environment that assists students in self-calming efforts by offering them a designated space to relax and self-regulate. The calming room can start a conversation about mental health between parents and students, which would increase students' academic / social-emotional skills.
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GPISD Perks Page

Take advantage of the discounts and coupons for Galena Park ISD students and staff from our generous local businesses!

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Crisis Intervention Phone Numbers

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline - 988

Crisis Text Line - text HOME to 741741

Harris Center Crisis Line - 713-970-8210

Online Resources

All About Counseling

Bo's Place | Bereavement Center

Crisis Text Line

Mental Health Texas


A/B Schedule

District Calendar

Vote for Texas Football Most Driven Team!

Cast Your Vote Today and help NSSHS win!

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November Character Education | Did You Know?
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Friendly Reminders

  • Classes begin at 7:05 A.M.
  • Students are required to bring their Chromebooks and chargers to school daily.
  • ID badges are required to be worn around the neck on a lanyard at all times while on campus.
  • Food deliveries of any sort (UberEats, DoorDash, etc.) are not allowed. Students nor parents are permitted to order food to be delivered to campus.
  • Cell phones must remain turned off, out of sight, and not used during the instructional day unless permitted by the teacher for instructional purposes.


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Howdy NS10 Mustang Parent, Students, and Community,

NS10 has established a Tech Squad to help handle any problems or issues with the district Chromebooks and chargers issued to the Sophomore students. The team consists of campus staff and students from NSSH.

Sophomore students who need help or replacement of their devices or chargers are asked to complete the NS10 Tech Squad Help Desk Ticket which can be found on ClassLink. Within 48 hours, the student will be contacted by a Tech Squad member. The student needs to bring their charger with them in case the device needs to be swapped for repairs.

If you have any questions about these procedures or need further help you can contact Ms. Rogers at crogers@galenaparkisd.com or Mr. Esparza at eesparza@galenaparkisd.com.

Here is a link to the NS10 Tech Squad Help Desk Ticket - https://forms.gle/y8MD3T8JRerwdPQGA. (Please be aware that this is only for 10th-grade students at NS10).
Issues with Chromebook including screen freezing, flickering, missing OS, and other issues that are not related to user damage will be corrected by the Tech Squad or swapped out for a new device at no charge.

Chargers that are no longer working will be swapped at no charge.

See Something, Say Something

North Shore 10th Grade Campus welcomes open communication from our students, staff, family, and community members. Please report any concerns of suspicious activity to the authorities using our tip line, 832-386-1550.
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GPISD Cell Phone Policy

Telecommunication Devices

  • Cell phones must remain turned off, out of sight, and not used during the instructional day, unless permitted by the teacher for instructional purposes.

  • If the use of a cell phone becomes a distraction to the driver or the transportation of students, school disciplinary action may be taken.

  • Students who violate this policy shall be subject to established disciplinary measures.

  • District employees shall confiscate any cell phones visible, heard or used during the instructional day on school property.

  • Cell phones will not be visible during the passing periods.


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