Mrs. Luzar's Classroom News

Class Happenings

My hope is that your children have been excited to share the many happenings of our class this winter. We learned a great deal about a man named Snowflake Bentley and the beauty of the snowflake as we practiced our reading and writing skills. We are now more fluent with our multiplication and division and will soon be masters of fractions. The Mentor Library was so kind to drop by Garfield and have each student choose a book to take home and keep for themselves. Interviewing our 1st grade buddies was a treat, and we will continue to be doing activities with them about once a month. We are also learning that by first telling our small moment stories helps us with writing our narratives. Adobevoice is the app we have learned and taught each other to use in order to record our stories and listen back. Our goal is to read and write as we talk with smoothness and expression. The class is enjoying practicing their poems for fluency and word sorting using Seesaw, and we hope you are enjoying their videos also! The Mentor police stopped by Garfield to remind us all about the importance of seatbelts with your children participating in a seatbelt safety poster contest here at school. What would be better than having more visitors such as snakes, cheetahs, dogs, and more spending the day learning with us and helping others through United Way! Thank you for your generosity! It has been quite a winter so far!

We will continue to be enthusiastic about upcoming events as spring will begin to roll around. We know our Valentine Party will be awesome, and we will take a rest with our long holiday weekend this weekend! We will continue to work hard to provide the best educational opportunities each day making learning fun knowing that the students will have the opportunity to show what they know with state testing in Reading and Math in April. I appreciate all of your efforts at home with support in practicing Reading and Math skills along with study skills! As we continue the year, please feel free to contact me with an email, note, or call as needed.

We are a village working together wanting the best for every member of our class! Thank you for all that you do!