University of North Dakota

Aviation Piloting

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Volunteer work

  • Working at Pacific Aviation
  • Mechanics with airplanes
  • Learning how to fly (Flight lessons)
  • Working flight plans
  • Will help with experience and look good on application

School Info

  • Located in Grand Forks, North Dakota
  • Air Traffic Control
  • Commercial flight training
  • Aviation Management
  • Master of aviation
  • Bachelors in Science
  • About $60,000- for learning (housing, books, program costs, tuition) Private pilots and flying survey
  • 3.8 GPA- Current
  • Need a 3.6 for $12,000 in scholarships (College GPA)
  • Automatically get a scholarship if accepted by deadlines
  • 12,000 people enrolled
  • Teacher-Student ratio: 18:1
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Location info

  • SNOW!! COLD!! BRRR!!
  • Average low- 30 F
  • Average high- 55 F
  • Horseback riding, winter activities (Skiing, snowboarding, sledding, ect)
  • Great Plains and Bad lands (Mountainous and Flat in regions)
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Paying for high school or trade school

  • Getting a job early and saving
  • Possible scholarships
  • Community college and then transferring
  • FAFSA form might be completed
  • FAFSA application deadline is June 30th
  • GPA- Goal is to maintain 3.8
  • Scholarships- Many school scholarship opportunities, as well as college scholarships offered after high school.
  • Scholarships I'm thinking of applying for:
  • Amaranthus Family Science & Math Scholarship
  • Aaron Anderson Memorial Scholarship
  • Class Of 1936 (Johnny Hampshire Memorial) Scholarship
  • Dale Boothe Memorial Scholarship
  • Four Way Foundation Scholarship
  • Geoff Carmichael Memorial Scholarship
  • Grants Pass Education Association
  • Grants Pass High School ASB Leadership Scholarship
  • Grants Pass High School Band Award
  • Grants Pass School District Administrators
  • Gray Family Memorial Scholarships
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  • Graduate high school
  • Retain a bachelors in aeronautics or a masters in aviation
  • Private Piloting License
  • Classes to take- Math, Science, Reading, and language classes to be able to pursue my career education effectively and successfully.
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