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Weekly Staying Connected, Edition 7, September 5

From Majors Ruwethin

Hi Church -

Oh yeah! A new month, a new newsletter background, and new opportunities on the horizon. In this last week, our family went to our first dental cleaning appointments with our new dentist. The resounding theme for our family is ... FLOSS!! You would think after two cleanings each year with the same reminders, that we would do better.

This is the first time, however, that our dentist shared with us to take the time to floss first then brush. The brushing of the teeth is merely the rinsing off stage. The most important thing (flossing) needed more time.

Wow! Such a basic concept that can change our lives if we could live that way! Or maybe some of us know the concept - but need to relabel what "important things" are. Loving God first - spending time with Him, His Word, talking with Him, abiding in Him should be priority,

Continue to have a great Labor Day Weekend and let's put Him first.

Make sure you read/scan the newsletter each week - new info is out all the time!

Required Volunteer Protecting the Mission Training - 9/15

We had a great first volunteer meeting. Don't worry if you missed it. We spoke about what direction we will go in this next program year. Whether or not you would like to volunteer in the office, youth programs, Sunday school, driving, or more, you'll have to be up-to-date on Protecting the Mission credentials. Captain Iliana Montes from San Jose Temple will lead the required in person training on Wednesday, September 15 @ 6:30 pm. We'll see you then and will have snacks ready!

Office Closed Monday, Sept. 6

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Human Trafficking 101 Webinar

Please join us on Wednesday 8th September at 11am PST for a basic 101 Human Trafficking Webinar. As you know, General Brian Peddle has made the Fight for Freedom against Human Trafficking a global priority, and we would love to share this valuable information with you and your teams.

All are welcome! To register click HERE!

(This webinar will be recorded and posted on after the event).

Mexican Independence Day

Captains' Montes are inviting everyone to the San Jose Temple event on Saturday, September 11, 5pm to celebrate Mexican Independence Day! It will be a fun family event, with music, dancers, and great food affordable food to support World Services. We hope to see you there!

Welcome of Cadets - September 11

Please share this with your corps members as we welcome the Reflectors of Holiness session, that includes Golden State’s very own Cadet Tania Urbina-Morales and Cadets Isaac and Merary Henry-John! This event will be in person, as well as available online.

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Rally & Potluck Sunday!

Sunday, September 12, is our Rally Sunday! Kids are back in school! By September 12th, Labor Day weekend will be in the past and it'll be time to get back into the groove of meeting together! Rally Sunday will jump start our program year. We'll have potluck and time to enjoy the church grounds after church. Bring your tennis shoes, sunblock, a dish to share ... We'll be opening up the gym for knockout/basketball, playing badminton in the courtyard, playing pool and ping pong, and whatever we can get our hands on. For those of you who'd rather work, we'll start setting up the potluck after church while people play!
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Divisional Youth Retreat - Forms Due

When: September 17 - 19

Where: Redwood Glen Camp & Conference Center

Who: For ages 13 - 18.

Theme: Just Good News - As We Redeem the Screen

Cost: $175 per person, We will only be charging $80 for Santa Clara delegates

$40 Registration due September 5 with registration fee. 2nd $40 due by September 16. See Majors with any questions or concerns about fees.

Pick up registration forms in the foyer. Thank you.

1) Delegate Just Good News Registration Form

2) Parental Consent Form

3) Delegate Code of Conduct Form

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Impact Learning Lab - Habits of Holiness

September 25, 2021 will be our next “Impact Learning Lab” and we hope you and your corps family will join us. Major Nancy Helms will be sharing “Habits of Holiness”. In this time together, she will share with us the concept of a “Rule of Life”. Taken from “A rule of life is a commitment to live your life in a particular way. It is meant to be crafted with prayer and discernment, in partnership with God, as you consider the way God made you and the values He has inscribed upon your heart. Once written, it serves as a tool that can help you make decisions for your life and determine how best to order your days.”

The Salvation Army has a church subscription to Right Now Media that allows all of us as church members access to great videos, teaching, illustrations for all ages. We encourage you to take a peek at Right Now Media. All you have to do is email us to let you know you are interested in having access and we'll sign you up for FREE.

How is The Salvation Army Helping?

The Salvation Army is involved in fire and earthquake response. Please pray.

West Coast Fires:




Haiti Earthquake

A Salvation Army assessment team in the south of Haiti has sent reports that communities are working together to deal with the devastating after-effects of the 7.2-magnitude earthquake that struck on Saturday 14 August.

The Salvation Army’s initial approach will be to target its response in nine locations. In eight of these, 250 families – more than 1,000 people – will be provided with a tarpaulin, blankets, hygiene kits (including soap, diapers/nappies, sanitary items, toothbrushes and toothpaste, disinfectant and hand sanitiser), drinking water and basic food items such as rice, peas and cooking oil. In the city of Aquin, which has been particularly badly affected, the response will be provided to an even larger number of families.


And as a reminder, people interested in making a financial donation to support the response efforts may do so via our Salvation Army World Service Office. See link below.!/donation/checkout?c_src=SAWSO_Home&c_src2=Theater_Img

Remind App

Please help us keep you informed by signing up for the Remind App. Simply follow the directions. The goal is to touch base with a newsletter once a week and avoid 25 responses to a group text. This is a secure way for us to do this. Text to: 81010, Send the message: @chkhc6.

Feel free to share the info. Thank you in advance.

General Schedule


  • 9:30 am Adult Connect Group
  • 10:30 am Worship service

Programs Starting Soon!!

This month, we have two new rental groups to our property. San Jose Spartans Youth Basketball on Wednesdays and Thursdays as well Katydids Square Dancing on Fridays!

Well, we'll need to have some fun of our own, so starting the week after our Potluck Sunday, we'll be bringing back:

Tuesday Family Nights, 6:30 - 8 pm: Bring the whole family out to eat dinner together. Then break out into Adult Bible study, youth programs, and nursery.

Sundays, 9:30 - 10:15 am: Youth Sunday School, Women's Sunday school

Monthly Women's Fellowship - Date/time TBD

Monthly Men's Basketball Fellowship - Date/time TBD

It's so important that we take time during the week to spend time with each other in play and study. Why? To strengthen the family of God, to grow in the Lord, and to know our family.