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The most Popular Electronic Cigarette Starter kit!!

When the first time I used South Beach Smoke e cigarettes, I found that that the Deluxe plus Starter kit is claimed to be the most popular among all. Well, I really had no idea about the battery life of the e cigarette embedded into the kit. At first I thought this was an exaggeration as many well known companies do, but to my surprise, it was true when I personally used it. After using the Deluxe plus Starter kit of South Beach Smoke, I realized that the claims were true. The kit deserves to be the most popular. The kit in fact holds new SuperMax batteries, one standard and an extra capacity battery. Well, five nicotine cartridges were available with the brand. According to the brand, the cartridges equal 7 to 8 packs of cigarettes.

The battery capacity of the lit as stated was amazing. With the kit, I could vaporize all day without interruption just as I used to smoke a pack of regular cigarettes. The kit really delivers well in every way. It is very simple to use, charges quickly, only 50 minutes, and has a variety of very pleasant flavors. The vapor offered by South Beach Smoke is thick and smoke like. Moreover, the light weight design is easy to hold and fits comfortably between my fingers. I definitely consider this brand as one of the top notch e Cigarette. In addition to its wonderful batteries, it offers 1 Deluxe USB charger, 1 Universal Car Adapter, a beautiful carrying case and of course a user manual.

The kit is not very expensive and I guess it suits my personality. I definitely admit that South Beach Smoke stands by their products. The e cigarette reviews offered by it are exceptionally great that pleases me greatly. South Beach Smoke always offers great products along with new deals and offers for comfort of users. This is the reason why I love this brand of e cigarette among all.