Across the Board in D303

Notes from the District 303 School Board Meeting

May 11, 2020

School Board

Carolyn Waibel, President

Nick Manheim, Vice President

Jillian Barker, Secretary

Michael Bryant

Heidi Fairgrieve

Becky McCabe

Ed McNally

School Board meetings are held on the first Monday of the month and alternate between the Administration Center and school locations. All meetings begin at 7:00 p.m. and the public is invited to attend. Agenda packets are available at

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June 8, 2020

New Wasco Elementary School Principal

During the Superintendent's report, Dr. Pearson asked Mrs. Geier to introduce the new principal at Wasco Elementary School. Mrs. Geier thanked the staff members and parents who were on the interview team for their professionalism and assistance during this time of Zoom interviews. She then introduced Mrs. Stephanie Brennan, who will join the Wasco family as principal on July 1. Mrs. Brennan comes to the district from Aurora East School District 129 where she currently serves as an elementary school principal.

For Action Items

Illustrative Math

The mathematics and special education teachers of St. Charles East, St. Charles North, Wredling, and Thompson on the curriculum development team have chosen Illustrative Mathematics as the recommended primary core resource. Teachers believe that students learn best and retain what they learn better by solving problems. If we want students to be successful on high stakes assessments like the SAT and to be prepared for college and career readiness, then students must be proficient problem solvers, not formula crunchers. During the 2018-2019 school year, math teachers were asked about professional learning, support needed to implement a new resource, what was strong as well as missing in the current program, and lastly, they were asked what they would like to see in a new resource. The common themes were vertical alignment, rigor, interactive technology tools, opportunities for differentiation, online individualized pathways for students, and additional practice problem sets. The motion to approve the High School Math Resources carried 7-0.

Class Size: Kindergarten and Grade 1

Based on the information presented at the Learning and Teaching Committee meeting on April 20, the Learning and Teaching Committee recommends reducing the class size cap for kindergarten and grade 1 from 27 to 25. The motion carried 7- 0.

Intergovenmental Agreement for School Resource Officers

The agreement reflects the current staffing plan of four SROs, one located at each middle and high school. The District recommends a three-year contract that runs through 2023. The motion carried 7- 0.

Resolution to suspend Policy 2:210 - Organizational School Board Meeting due to COVID-19 Pandemic.

The Board will vote to suspend Board Policy 2:210: Organizational School Board Meeting, with respect to the election of officers in even-numbered years in May until (a) it may conduct a meeting in full compliance with OMA, or (b) the Board takes action to lift the temporary suspension of Board Policy 2:210. The motion did not pass by a vote of 2-5.

COVID-19 Impact to Outsourced Transportation Services

Spare Wheels transportation requested that the School Board approve a “cost-sharing” proposal that would help ensure that Spare Wheels survived through the pandemic. The initial proposal was amended.

Member Manheim motioned, seconded by Member McCabe to amend the motion to include the approval of the proportional fixed costs of $23,980.28 leaving out the proportional management/administrative costs of $16,500.00 for Spare Wheels.

By roll call vote the motion to amend carried 7-0.

By roll call vote the motion to approve the proportional fixed costs of $23,980.28, leaving out the proportional management/administrative costs of $16,500.00, to Spare Wheels

Transportation carried 4-3.

Haines Center Transition Furniture

Dr. Patti Palagi, Director of Instructional Interventions, shared a quote for classroom and staff furniture purchases to support the transition program in the new space at the Haines Center. An application was written and accepted by ISBE to utilize IDEA grant funds for this expense. Total cost $51,771.15. The motion carried 7-0.
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