Summer Reading Technology Project

Victoria McGrew

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Bruisers Appearance

In the book, Bronte defined him as tall and scrawny. While they were at the pool, she discovered the bruises all over his back, hence the name Bruiser. Brewster came from a small house, so his clothes weren't "fancy" or "high class", but more worn down or used up.

Ideal Destination Spot

If Brewster were to go on vacation, I could see him going here. These places are isolated from people, so he won't have to have too much of socialization to end up caring for some one. They also don't have tons of water, so if he were to go near the water and accidentally drown because he can't swim, but they still have water sources.
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Item #1

If Brewster were to take 3 things with him on vacation, one of them would definitely be an Allen Ginsberg poetry book. When Brewster and Bronte 1st met, it was in the library when she was a library aid. He asked her if she knew where the Allen Ginsberg poetry books were, and those were their first words to each other. Bronte said that she didn't want their "encounter-among-the-stacks to end" so she properly introduced herself, signaling the 1st sign of a friendship (pages 55-57). This book represents how he and Bronte met (which of course would be something to remember!) and it represents his love of poetry, so it would occupy him with entertainment and lovable memories.
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Item #2

Another thing that Brewster would more than likely take on his trip, is all long sleeve shirts and pants. Brewster didn't want everyone knowing his "secret" that he "steals" injuries from people he cares about, so he covered it up with his shirts and pants, and never took it off in front of someone (of course until he met Bronte!). He refused to take it off to go swimming (pages 71-74) and he waited in his P.E. class to change until everyone else had left (pages 24-25). He would especially want to take these with him on his vacation because where he'll be going, he won't know anyone, so he wouldn't want them to see his bruises and injuries just for them to tell everyone and his secret out for good.
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Item #3

The last thing that Brewster would bring on his vacation would be a first aid kit. When he goes on vacation, there's a possibility he might start to care about someone he knows, or anyone that he brought with him such as Bronte and Cody got hurt, the bruises would disappear off of them and go onto his body. He would need this first aid kit so that he could take care of himself if it isn't too major. Even if he happened to hurt himself, he would probably rather use a first aid kit instead of going to the doctor because when the doctor inspects his injury, they will see all of his other injuries that were actually not his, and the doctor will most likely question Brewster on where he got those, leading to a big problem.