University of Wisconsin

Madison, WI 53706

Abraham Lincoln Statue

The statue was put on the campus in 1909 as a gift. Abraham Lincoln is a Patron of the school because he signed the Morrill Act. This act had the government provided financial aid to land-grant colleges. Students rub his feet for good luck for tests and exams. At graduation they climb in his lab while wearing their cap and gown.

Cane Toss

Every Homecoming game the law school seniors run across the field carrying canes. They throw them over the North goal post and try to catch them on the other side. If they catch them then they will win their first case. They have been doing this since 1930's. Nobody knows why or how this tradition started.

Jump Around

A tradition started in 1998 when the song "Jump Around" came out. The Badgers were playing Purdue and started winning after the song played. It has been a tradition to play the song at football games. It comes on between the third and fourth quarter. It is just what the crowd needs to get up and jumping.