Mysterious Mountain of a creature

How many diffrent theories of the kraken are there?

Historical Background

The kraken was first spoted in the 12th century, and was mentioned in many diffrent stories, and myths.16th and 17th century more stories were being passed around. In the 19th century the kraken was mentioned in a poem. 1754 the kraken was thought to be 1.5 miles long. 1782 random ships start to vanish. 1870 it is belived to just be a giant squid.


There are many scatered spotings, but no big attacks(McCall).

More and more ships keep dissipearing, but no survivors to prove it was the kraken(Alfred).

The kraken dwells on the bottom of the ocean(Alfred).

Some of the theories

What Do I Belive In?

Is the Kraken real or fake?

After all of this reacerch, I do belive that the Kraken does exsist, because 95% of the ocean still hasn't been explored, so its most likely hideing in there some where. The only thing that I think is suspicious is that its a mile long, because if its a mile long then how much food would it have to eat in order to survive. There are many diffrent stories that show that the Kraken is real, so i'm not the only one that belives in it. Also we are still decovering new creatures all over, so the Kraken might be one of the ones that is still in hideing.

Some people may think otherwise, but I belive that it exists.


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