Nintendo Labor Using Gamers?

Attacker Or Victim!

Are your Nintendo hero characters, actually the villain?

Who read this title thinking, this is going to be another one of those lectures about how you need to help others that are in harsh labor. It's not, so keep reading. No, Nintendo didn't really mean to use child labor. Kinda how Princess Peach doesn't "mean to get captured?", but does every year. They hired someone else to do it for, in Nintendo's case, they hired Foxconn to help them out. Foxconn was in charge of making the product Nintendo hired them to make. The product was, wait for it, the WII-U. The WII, but with a 'u' in it. After they hired Foxconn, Foxconn did with what they thought they could get away with, and that was put people in harsh conditions to make this product. So no Nintendo didn't use harsh labor, but it was walking blind folded, and this has been happening for years now. Could've took it off, but left it on instead. Let's get into more detail here. If you haven't heard of this, I'm not surprised. I hadn't know about this until my teach opened my eyes. Foxconn is a business that manufactures many things. A lot of companies have fallen into there trap. So you know the bad side, but are they doing anything about it is he next question I asked myself. Yes they are, in a interview (More information below), a women talk about how, for her, the conditions are getting better. Foxconn places are now like colleges, 6 people per dorm, and a place to live, but that's about it. I couldn't get any more information about how the conditions are doing inside the factory, due to the fact they don't let anyone in. So overall, they are taking some action to help the work place.


Ms.Pu is a worker the Foxconn factory. She told the interviewers about how they were in harsh conditions. She used an example for here chair. Her first chair was unhealthy, having no support for her upper body. Then it got replaced, then again with a chair that gave some support. The interviewers were offered to go inside her dorm, but not in the factory. They notice that the door and the window was jammed wide open, and no one was able to close them. Somethings that should be fixed, were not. Finally she describe how the working conditions use to be harsh, but have gotten better over time.

Can you be the new hero?

You may think, sure I know about this, but I can't help. Yes you can! We have the ability to change the world in this era. Companies will listen to you. Ways you can help fight this cause? Well, you can write a letter to your favorite company saying, thanks for not supporting harsh labor, child labor, if they aren't using labor. If they are, then you can send them a letter saying, if you don't stop using child labor, I'll stop buying from you, and I'll get all of my friends to do it as well. You can donate to a organization that is helping this cause. If your truely wanting to take action. You can go see if for your self. There is so many ways your can help. One that I've done is seeing what fair trade (fair labor companys) companys are supplying my favorite products, and buying from them instead. People change people, somethings people need to know, and need to help.

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