Regular Physics

Wave Notes

Lets learn the basics for the variety of waves and what the function is of each.

Chapter WAVES

You are responsible to read the following chapter, there will be at least three quizzes given out of chapter, I should also see a section in your notes where you have taken notes from the chapter.


Even light has its on wave.


Sound waves still travel through space today with messages from the past.

Wave Practice

Print off and complete or add into your notebook.

February 29, 2016-Class Activities

The below items are what you missed if not on class on this date.

Video Assignments

Watch the video assignments and take notes along the way, there may also be questions to answer.

Video Quiz

I hope you took time to take notes over the above video's now it time to test your knowledge over what you have watched. If you haven't watched the video's I suggest you watch again and take notes prior to taking the quiz below.

March 2, 2016 - Class Assignment

If you missed class you need to make sure you take the quiz above and also complete the assignment attached below.
Light: Crash Course Astronomy #24


Go to the site below and leave 5 things that you learned about light from watching this video....

Light Lab [March 7 and 8]

This lab will be conducted next week On Monday and Tuesday.

Unit Review

Test will be on March 9 and 10, 2016. Use the review to help you study.

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