This Week in Room 105

Weekly Happenings in Miss Quaresima's First Grade Class

Week of May 6 - 10, 2013

Dates that Rate

May 8 - Flower Sale at 1:00.

May 9 - 3rd and 4th Grade Spotlight on the Arts

May 9 - Field Trip Chaperones Notified

May 13 - 15 Titus Spring Book Fair - more info to follow

May 16 - Titus Summer Reading Camp Informational Sessions (see below for info)

May 17 - Field Day Teams Selected



May 27 - Memorial Day - NO SCHOOL!


May 29 - Spring Band and Orchestra Concert for Students

Field Trip Information

If you have not returned your child's permission slip and payment of $1.50 please do so by this FRIDAY, MAY 10th!

On the day of the trip each child will need to bring his/her own brown bag lunch. The bags should be clearly marked with your child’s name. Please do not send your child with a lunchbox/bag, as they will be too cumbersome to carry around the zoo. The zoo does not provide refrigerator or microwave access, so please pack accordingly.

The zoo is open during most weather conditions so please dress your child appropriately. We are asking each child to either wear a Titus Tiger shirt, or any shirt with Titus colors (yellow/gold or black). Comfortable walking shoes are a MUST!

There is no need for first graders to bring money to the zoo. Please do not send money to the zoo with your child. Thank you for your cooperation!

Titus Summer Reading Program

Interested in summer reading opportunities?

Join Miss Quaresima, Miss Brennan, and Mrs. Wallace for an informational meeting about some new and exciting ways to engage your child in summer reading here in our own Titus library! Bring your child on Thursday, May 16th to learn more about this wonderful and unique opportunity.

Be sure to check out this link for a sneak peek of what’s to come this summer. Hope to see you there.


Gym on Tuesday - Don't forget your sneakers!!

Library on Wednesday - Please return all library books to school on time!

School Supplies - Please talk to your child to see if they need new supplies. Most children have been running out of glue sticks, dry erase markers, and crayons.

Box Tops for Education

Keep sending in those box tops! The Rita’s Water Ice challenge continues through the end of the year! The class with the most box tops collected will win a Rita’s Water Ice Party!!

In School this Week...

Word Wall

The Word Wall is a great writing tool in our classroom. I do not expect the students to memorize each word wall word, but they do need to be aware that the words are on the wall, so they can use them as a reference when writing in the classroom.

This week's word wall words are: back, first, found, old, take.

For the remainder of the year, our weekly word wall words will be included on our Friday spelling tests. The words will always be available on the wall; the children will need to locate them and spell them correctly. Please practice these words at home with your child.


A list of spelling words will come home each Monday in your child’s homework folder. There will be 6 new spelling words each week and 2 challenge words. The spelling words are chosen based on our Word Sort for the week.

This week’s spelling words are: desk, best, his, not, cub, just.

The challenge words are: skunk, brink.

Please practice these words at home with your child. There will be a spelling test on Friday!!

Shared Reading

In reading this week, we are reading the story Charlie Parker Played BeBop. While reading this week we will learn who Charlie Parker was, and listen to the jazz music he played. We will learn about reality and fantasy and discuss what parts of the story are real and make-believe.

Click the link below to listen to the story at home with your child:

Between the Lions: Charlie Parker Played BeBop.

Everyday Math

In math this week, we will be identifying fractional parts of a whole and comparing fractions. We will be discussing the parts of a fraction including the numerator and the demoninator and will learn each part's job. We will compare fractions to see what fractional part is greater than, less than, or equal to another fractional part.


In preparation for our zoo trip, we will begin our study of animals this week. First grade will be classifying and studying many groups of animals including mammals, birds, fish, amphibians, reptiles, and insects.

This week, we will learn about insects and arrthropods. Crickets will visit our classroom and we will identify their body parts and observe them using magnifying glasses.

In the Computer Lab...

Learning to Type

The first graders have recently been experimenting with Microsoft Word.

We have been learning to:

  • type spelling words
  • change the font of words
  • change the color of words
  • change the size of words
  • use the highlighting tool
  • change the format of words (bold, italics, underline)

BrainPop Jr.

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Login: titus

Password: tigers

Here are some videos pertaining to what we have been learning recently in first grade:

Miss Jennifer Quaresima

First Grade

Titus Elementary School