Become a Baker Now!

By: Rhett Mote

Why to choose it

The job of a baker varies from job to job. For example, a baker that is employed by a small, local bakery that commonly performs this setting would also produce baked goods mostly by hand. In a large, industrial-scale bakery, it would be more common for many bakers to work together in order to make large quantities of bread and stuff. In this example, a baker would do very little work by hand and would rely largely on machinery to produce bread and such, especially during the preparation phase of production. Bakers typically work according to a tight production schedule that sets numbers for how many of a certain item they must make each day. This is true for bakers working in all types of places. Whether working in a small company or a large kitchen, a baker is required to master the use of a large number of tools in order to make good bread and such. These tools range from simple kitchen tools such as a rolling pin, to complex mixing machines. In any case, becoming a baker takes a huge amount of training as this is a highly skilled job title.

Salary - $15,820 - $31,890 annualy

Best Colleges

  • College 1-Culinary Institute of America

    • Cost Per Year:$16,000

  • College 2- Johnson & Wales University

    • Cost Per Year $29,000

Things you'll need

Responsibilities of the Job:

  • Make new produce every morning

Skills/Knowledge Needed for the Job:

  • A high school diploma

  • Know how to bake

  • Have friendly personality

  • Keen sense of taste and smell

  • Steady hands

  • strong

Examples of How Skills Are Used in the Job:

  • Talking to customers

  • Baking treats

  • To know when something is ready

  • To lay icing on cakes and cupcakes

  • To lift the dough

Special Tools You Need to Know How to Use:

  • Bread pan

  • tongs

  • cupcake pan

  • cookie sheet

Pros and Cons


- You get to bake a FREAKING CAKE!

- Make friends with customers

- Taste test what you bake


-Repetitive injuries



- Crushed fingers

Job outlook

This job-employment rating is expected to grow about %5 from 2012 to 2022.