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December 12, 2022

Dear Cornell community,

Final papers, final exams, final days on campus. Stop for a moment and take a full deep breath in, and then blow it out slowly. Feel tension melt away and relax. Savor this full breath moment. Repeat as many times as you like.

Now, remember how far you've come. Yes, you! You have persevered and are nearly at the finish line for the Fall 2022 semester. Give yourself kudos, and permission to take mini breaks, like the one described above, to help you successfully navigate these final days of the semester and set you up for a positive winter break!

This will be our final newsletter of the fall 2022 semester. It has been our pleasure sharing with you these tips, events and resources for your health and well-being. We wish you a restorative winter break. Look for this newsletter in your inbox again at the start of the Spring 2023 semester.

In community,
The Skorton Center for Health Initiatives at Cornell Health
part of Student and Campus Life at Cornell University

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Resource Spotlight

Cornell Rec Services and Fitness Centers

Fitness Centers and Group Fitness classes are FREE for anyone with a Cornell ID now through December 23rd.

Interested in funding for a CFC Gym Membership?

The ACCESS FUND may be able to pay for a gym membership.

Do you have the Cornell SHP Plan health insurance?

Contact the Office of Student Health Benefits for questions about gym reimbursement.

For-Credit Winter Session PE Course

This section of Walking Tours (PE 1272) will be held through Canvas with daily assigned hour long walking challenges. Students will log their workout with an activity tracker and submit through Canvas assignments to the instructor. Those who have logged at least 15 hours total by the end of the three-week session will receive a PE credit. Students do not need to be in Ithaca to participate. Students will be required to use a fitness app to report assigned workout.

Register and Dates & Deadlines for enrollment information

From The Student Mental Health Collective

Big picture

Start and End Your Day in a Positive Way

Black Zen Guided Meditations

Click each link below for a list of streaming options to listen to these short, guided meditations.

The morning meditation was created to help jump start your day with focus and intention and the evening meditation is made to be calming and to help you unwind.



End-of-Semester Tips from Cornell Health

We’re in the homestretch!

Find tips and resources from Cornell Health to help you balance academics with self-care, find healthy ways to manage stress, and connect with support so you can finish the semester strong.

Plan ahead for healthcare needs

If you will be leaving campus during the winter intersession, be sure to plan ahead for prescription medication needs and ongoing medical or mental health care. Please be aware that Cornell Health is only able to provide clinical services to students remaining in the Ithaca area, and the Cornell Health pharmacy is only legally permitted to transfer one prescription refill to another pharmacy unless authorized by the prescribing clinician (learn more about transferring prescriptions).

Note that Cornell Health will be CLOSED during the university holiday from December 24 through January 2. During this time, we will continue to provide 24/7 phone consultation and prescription transfers. Learn more on our Care During Winter Break page.

Especially For Graduate & Professional Students

The Research Data Management Service Group is here to help!

As winter break approaches and classes wrap up, research data collection, analysis, and sharing may be increasingly on your mind. The Research Data Management Service Group can help at all stages of your research, whether you are just starting out, finishing up, or somewhere in between. We work with students of all disciplines, too.

Contact us ( to learn more about:

· Solutions to store and share data

· Data management best practices

· Writing a data management plan

· Preparing data for submission to eCommons, Cornell’s institutional repository

· Any other data-related questions

Nature Up!

Notice Winter's Birds

Whether walking to class, the library or a dining hall, the "right" clothing for these northeast winter months will make all the difference. You ideally want three types of layers:
  1. A base-layer that stays close to your body. This layer is designed to not only keep you warm, but also wick away any sweat or moisture so you don’t start feeling damp if you do get overheated. Cotton is a bad choice, since once it’s wet it stays wet and can make you feel colder. You are better off with wool or synthetic blends that are designed for this purpose.

  2. A mid-layer for warmth. This will be something like a fleece jacket, wool sweater, or another thicker layer that will help hold in the warm air your body is generating. What keeps you warm in winter is the warm pocket of air that your outfit is holding in, so don’t choose anything too tight or restrictive—you want to give yourself room for that warm bubble of air!

  3. A windproof layer. On top of your other layers, you’ll want a windproof layer that will make sure the wind doesn’t cut right through your clothes and steal all that warm air your body has generated. This is usually your winter coat.

Wearing layers will help you be able to notice the beauty of winter, like the birds, colorful sunsets and even small animal tracks in snow. So, layer up and enjoy that walk outside!

24/7 Resources

Help is available any time day or night by connecting with the following resources. You don't have to be in crisis to take advantage of these free opportunities to speak or chat with a trained professional or volunteer who can listen to your concerns, and offer insight and advice.

Cornell (24/7):

Ithaca hotlines (24/7):

National hotlines (24/7):

National text / chat services (24/7):

International services: