February 2023

Golden Hills Mission

Golden Hills Eagles grow together, learn with passion, act with kindness, and change the world!

Message from the Principal:

Golden Hills Families,

We have one more month of our second trimester! Our students have been working so hard and we are seeing so much growth! We will begin our I-Ready diagnostics the week of February 6th to assess overall growth.

This past month we have began and continued:

  • Girls on the Run, coached by Mrs. Dailey and Ms. Phillips

  • Boys Basketball, coached by Mr. D and Mr. Gilbertson

  • Leadership with Ms. Rainbow

  • Art Club with Ms. Smith & Ms. Rickmers

  • Band with Mr Grigorik

Golden Hill is also planning on having a soccer and track team. Mr. Borquez will be the coach for soccer. The track coach is to be determined. Try-outs will be towards the end of March.

February 6-10th is Counselor Appreciation Week, send Ms. Rainbow a card or email thanking her for all her hard work! We are so thankful for all of her hard work!

A huge thank you to the following parents who volunteered as a Cabin Leader at Shady Creek.

Kaitlyn, Marta, Elvia , Yadira, Sabreena, Brittany, Mary Lou, Josh, Jeff P , Michael, Leland, Joe, Robert.

The students and staff had so much fun! We hope to be able to take our fourth graders next year if we have parent support!

Thank you to our parents who attended our School Site Council and Parent Teacher Group Meeting: Elivia & Erica! The Parent Teacher Group is working on planning a fun day for our students at the end of the year! We could use more support! The next meeting is March 16th at 3 pm. Please join us, all are welcome!!

Kristi Napoli


Our Ironman Winners (class with the best attendance) for the month of January:

4th Grade:

1st Place: Ms. Smith

2nd Place: Ms. Chapman

5th Grade:

1st place: Ms. Zarzynski (Best for the for the entire school and won doughnuts1)

2nd Place: Ms. Weston

The class with the best attendance for February will win a pizza party & a Lego party with Mrs. Napoli

The second trimester Attendance Challenge has begun! On March 9th we will have a STEAM museum on campus.

To be invited to participate in the STEAM museum the requirements are:

Less than 11 absences (excused or unexcused) for the entire school year


Less than 6 (excused or unexcused) absences from 11/29-3/8/23

Our third trimester reward will be a field trip to the movies!

If your child is absent please call the school office to let them know the reason so that your child can possibly be excused. Also, if your child will be absent for 3 or more days you can request independent study. Your child will receive work to do and if the work is completed, your child will receive credit for attendance and will not be counted as absent. If you have questions, please call the school office.

Golden Hills Events:

TEAM Google SlideShow Competition: All Golden HIlls students are designing a slideshow of our Golden Hills TEAM expectations. The winners will win Lego, pizza and dessert parties! The slideshows are due ⅔.

Golden Hills Dance Day on 2/8: An hour long rotation of learning dances throughout the school. Be sure your student wears comfortable shoes and clothing.

Fourth Grade Field Trip on 2/9 to the Oroville State Theater

Spelling Bee: Our school-wide spelling bee will be held on February 23rd at Golden Hills cafeteria. Our winners will represent Golden Hills in a county wide spelling bee!

February Kindness Challenge: We have started a Kindness Challenge. The students of Golden Hills have been challenged to do 5000 acts of kindness by February 24th! We know we can do it! On January 26th Golden Hills had a special guest: Brian Williams. Brian is on a mission to inspire kindness movements in schools across the nation. His message is one that calls students to action and creates measurable change in each school he visits. He was energetic, funny and got our students to think outside the box on how they can create a ripple of positivity within their school. February is Kindness Month so he kicked off our challenge to our students to promote kindness on campus. Check out his video of his visit to Golden HIlls: Link to GH video

Talent Show: Golden Hills is having a Talent Show. It is scheduled for March 1st!

School Ties & Prevention Services

Ms. Monique from BCOE School Ties & Prevention Services) will be with us all of February! All Golden Hills Classes will be having a guest teacher this month, Ms. Monique is teaching development of critical thinking and self-reliance skills as a foundation to Butte County Office of Education's nicotine prevention lessons that are taught in middle school and high school . She will be teaching goal setting, decision making, managing emotions, communicating/ advertising, peer pressure, healthy choices, and putting it all together/ refusal skills. Fifth grade will include an Introduction to Nicotine Prevention lesson. Thank you Ms. Monique!!

Girls basketball:

Our fourth and fifth grade girls basketball teams did amazing this year. They played against older students and they kept a positive attitude and did their best! Great Job Girls!


Great job to all the boys who tried out for the basketball teams. It is so difficult for the coaches to make the team and wish we could have a spot for everyone but we do not have the coaches or the resources to do this.

Congratulations to the Fourth Grade Boys Basketball Team:















Congratulations to the Fifth Grade Boys Basketball Team:









Alex B




2/6-2/10: Counselor Appreciation Week

Send Ms. Rainbow a card or email thanking her for all her hard work! We are so thankful for all of her hard work!

Message from the Counselor:

February is Kindness month. I will be going around and doing lessons in all of the classrooms. Each student will be coming up with ideas for ways they can be kind and we will be handing them in the cafeteria. We also have spirit week on 2/6-2/10. There will be lots of opportunities to be recognized for our kind behavior.

Leadership is selling cupid grams the week of 2/6-2/9 during lunch recess for the PTG. Cupis grams are $1.00 and will be handed out to classrooms on Friday 2/10. PTG is using the funds to plan special events for our students.

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From the Nurse

COVID rising due to XBB.1.5 variant

There’s a new Omicron variant (XBB.1.5) that has been quickly increasing across the country.

Where is it?

Cases were first seen in the Northeast and are now hitting the South - we should expect XBB to continue its spread across the country.

Who is affected?

While symptoms are still mild in most people, XBB has been causing hospitalizations among those 65 or older. This is the first big surge in hospitalizations since the Omicron peak last winter.

Does the vaccine work?

Because this came from the same Omicron variants that have been around, the bivalent booster still works great.

Follow this new year checklist to jumpstart a healthy 2023

  • Stock up on COVID tests →

  • Treat yourself to fresh masks →

  • When was the last time you cleaned your humidifier? Yeah, yikes, us too. Add a 1:1 mixture of white vinegar and water and let it sit for an hour, then scrub away with a sponge or toothbrush. (Each humidifier should have specific cleaning instructions in their manual.)

  • Throw out old sponges and restock.

  • If you were sick, get a new toothbrush or soak the toothbrush head in antibacterial mouthwash for 3-5 minutes. Voila! Bacteria removed and re-infection avoided.

  • Along those same lines, now is a good time to clean your thermometer, too. See our guide here →

  • Hydration is good. A dirty water bottle, less good. Clean your water bottles, especially the hard-to-reach crevices in the lid.

  • Clean your phone (and no, wiping it on your shirt doesn’t count. We’ve tried.) And while you’re at it, clean your earbuds, too.


Myrna Osifo, BS, RN, PHN

School Nurse

Palermo Union School District

Golden Eagle Postive Eagle Award Winners


  • February 8th Golden Hills Dance Day
  • February 9th Fourth Grade Field Trip to Oroville State Theater
  • February 6-10th is Counselor Appreciation Week
  • February 13-20th Intersession, Lincoln Birthday & President Day....NO SCHOOL!
  • February 23rd Spelling Bee
  • March 1st Talent Show
  • March 3rd End of 2nd Trimester
  • March 10th Report cards are sent home
  • March 16th at 3:00pm School Site Council and Parent Teacher Group Meeting
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