October 5, 2021

Quarantine Procedure Changes

On October 4th, the Dewey Public School Board of Education approved a change in the Bulldogger Back to School Plan that included a parent/guardian/staff quarantine option when a student or staff member is considered a close contact to someone testing positive for COVID-19. As you are probably aware, the previous practice included a required quarantine from school and school activities for a period of 10 calendar days if an asymptomatic unvaccinated student or staff member was determined to be a "close contact". The newly adopted quarantine option is as follows:

  • (Exception: No quarantine will be required of an unvaccinated close contact if close contact is NOT symptomatic and agrees to wear a school approved face mask while attending school/school activities for the duration of their 10-day quarantine time period (masking period). Students involved in extracurricular activities may be present at activities and masked but will not be allowed to participate until quarantine dates have expired or the requirements of early return from quarantine have been met. HOUSEHOLD “close contacts will still be required to quarantine from school and school activities.

Through 7 weeks of school this year, we have quarantined 291 students and staff members. Of those 291, only 5 individuals tested positive for COVID either during or closely after their school quarantine and 4 of those 5 individuals were HOUSEHOLD close contacts. While the risk for viral transmission is still something we're very concerned about and other mitigation strategies remain intact, we believe it is important to find ways to keep healthy students and staff in school. If a close contact selects to stay in school and wear a mask but becomes symptomatic at any point during their "masking period", we expect the parent/guardian to contact their child's school office and remain at home until symptoms subside.

As always, we will continue to monitor all safety practices and make any adjustments as necessary.


Vince Vincent