Mixed Economy

The best form of economy.

Why is a mixed economy the best?

A mixed economy provides the freedoms of free enterprise and the infrastructure of socialism. It is desirable because it allows easy access to security and emergency services but retains a wide variety of products.

How it Works

Mixed economies are a balance between socialism and free enterprise, with most control left to the consumers, some things are left to the government to handle such as, police, social security, fire department, and health care. In a mixed economy most businesses are privately owned. People are paid by the company or business that employs them. Necessities are bought and sold at a market just like free enterprise.


People who oppose mixed economies might say that the government has too little power over the economy therefore making it inefficient. Actually, by making people work long hours for bad pay, the quality of the product is very negatively affected. By having little government control people can get a job that they like or get paid well for and the quality of the product they make in this situation will be vastly superior to that of a job they are forced to be in.

Other people say that the government has to much control over the economy. The power that the government has is to ensure that the market is secure and that some other things go smoothly like the mail. If there was no government control people would not have equal access to emergency and basic services like the police, fire department, and the mail. Mixed economy makes it so that because of taxes everyone can have access to a efficient mail service and a well equipped police, fire, and medical force.

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To Conclude

The United States is a great example of how successful mixed economies are. They enable people to create their own companies, make the pay they earn, and buy and sell their goods and services at whatever price they decide. All with the security provided by police and other emergency services and paid for you by everyone through taxes.
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