civil right movement


The civil rights movement aided in making America a more equal country ,because it showed the world what was going on with separate black and white stores, shops etc. It helped blacks have equal and just rights like whites & eventually helps make it possible for blacks to have the right to vote.

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Tactics and strategies that were used during the civil rights movement were, boycotting, marches, sit ins, and civil disobedience. Usually these acts were done nonviolently, and ended up working.

Organization of boycotts went wild during the civil rights movement, it was a campaign to end racial segregation. One boycott that many know is the bus boycott. When rosa parks refuses to let a white man take her seat and move to the back of the bus. She got arrested and fined. After this incident the supreme court order Montgomery to integrate its bus system.

Marches were set up everywhere from street corner to the other street corner. Marches mainly consisted of African American women and men and some white people. People started marches for many reasons; wanting to vote, wanting to not have to give up their seat to a white person, be able to walk into the same places as whites and also be treated with racial equality.

Sit ins were places where whites would get served and a African American will sit at the seat till he gets served , this whoever most times didn't work out because they ended up either not getting served or get escorted by police.

Unsung Heroes

Ella Baker

born 1903 died 1986
Ella was known for working behind the scenes advising, supporting and monitoring other famous leaders.

daisy bates

born 1914 died 1999
daisy bates was a new paper publisher who documented the end to segregation in Arkansas. she was president of ncaap and played a role in desegration. she was the guiding force into helping 9 black kids go to a all white school.