K-8 Library News

We Have a Reading Heart


Monday, May 4 - CCCMS ("May the 4th be with you" Day)
Tuesday, May 5 - Garfield 8:00-11:30 and Lincoln 11:35-12:10 (National Teachers Day) and (Happy Cinco de Mayo)
Wednesday, May 6 - CCCMS (School Nurses Day)
Thursday, May 7 - Garfield 8:00-11:30 and Lincoln 11:35-4:00 (I will be gone on this day) (National Tourism Day)
Friday, May 8 - Lincoln (National No Socks Day)

Books Checked Out By Students and Teachers

All student books are due by Wednesday, May 6. I have sent an e-mail to parents to help their students remember.

If we could start getting the books that the teachers have checked out by Friday, May 15th we would really appreciate it.

If you have questions, please let me know.


Lincoln Library On-line Catalog Link

During story time this week 3rd grade will be finishing Jumanji, 2nd grade will be reading Nightsong, 1st grade will be reading Pete the Cat and the New Guy, Kindergarten will be reading Bears New Friend.

On Friday, April 24 we will see the following classes.

3rd Grade - Fox/Burch - 3rd Grade Fitness Day.

2nd Grade - Larson/Mick - We will continue our fairy tale unit. We will compare and contrast the Rumpelstiltskin story from A Little Golden Book and Paul O. Zelinsky's version.

1st Grade - Lange/Brown - We will be finding out that a book has an address just like they do.

Kindergarten - Shannon/Thatcher - My favorite book. I will share my favorite book with the kids and then they will draw a picture of their favorite book from this year.


Garfield Library On-line Catalog Link

This week we will see our Tuesday classes (Wuthrich/Williams and Edwards) and we will not see our Thursday classes (Pfizenmaier/Deines) because they will be at Lincoln show casing their singing talents.

The 4th grade will be using their thinking skills by looking at the books contents and trying to figure out where the book would be located in our Dewey Decimal section.

The 5th grade will continue to work on their book talks.


CCCMS Library On-line Catalog Link

The library will be open each day this week as long as we have a sub. If we have a sub they will be here on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday times may vary but the library should be open during the school day from at least 8:30 to 3:30.

Lynn will be in the library on Monday and Wednesday.