Callahan's Corner

5th Edition


The One School One Book project has received positive feedback so far!! A parent stopped in my office yesterday to share how much they are enjoying reading together and that they are having some great dinner time discussions (to include how disappointed they were not to have a reading assignment tonight! ) I know you are taking time out to talk about the book and answer the questions every day, but I think it's having a positive impact! Awesome job!!!

Thanks to everyone for your participation in our first Student Choice Activity time! Overall, I think the students had a GREAT time. We did learn some things this first time and may make a few adjustments next month -- live and learn!! We know now that 1 hour is a bit long, so will probably shorten to 45 minutes next time. We also found out that some of the skills we taught could have used extra adult hands, so we will see if we have some volunteers that could help out. As Mari and I walked around, it was so exciting to see the high level of engagement in every room! It was also great to see the time and effort each of you put in to making your activity a success!!! Thank you!


Don't forget about your class flower pot! These need to be completed by Wednesday, September 30th, so that the clear sealant can be sprayed on (2 coats) and dried for the auction. All classes (including PPCD) have pots!

TSR part I deadline is Friday, October 2nd.

Make sure you are keeping up with your Attendance Incentive!

Mari and I have not yet been invited to class meetings for social skills time. We know getting the year started and rules/procedures in place is hard at this time of year, but please start this in the upcoming week.

The printer repair people were here today. They have requested that work orders be put in directly by the teachers instead of coming through Tiffany when it has to do with your print jobs. This way, they can look at the network specifically from your computer to see where the problem might be. Copier issues still go to Tiffany for service calls.


Grades for progress reports are due by September 28th at 8:00am! Progress reports will go home on Wednesday, September 30th. Please make sure ALL content areas have at least 5 grades by then.

URGENT for ALL: SCHOOL MESSENGER and EMPLOYEE PORTAL UPDATES If you are a new NBISD employee, you will receive a letter with an access code to set up your school messenger account. If you are a returning employee, you need to go into school messenger and set up your account. It is recommended that you set up for text messaging in order to receive information in a timely manner. New law prohibits the district from using the "phone call" option for non-emergency information; thus, when I am just sending information, such as a random "jean day", I will ONLY be sending that info via email and text. The district will soon be sending out "test" messages in all 6 formats (ie. "general emergency", "general non-emergency", "non-school hours general", etc).

Also, ALL employees need to keep the information on the Employee Portal current. Double check your information.

Parent Advisory Committee (PAC): I am in need of a positive, happy, wonderful parent to serve as our campus representative for this district committee. If you know of someone, please shoot me their name.

Parents who volunteer in your classrooms or on field trips MUST complete the volunteer background check form. Please ask Tiffany for one or ask her to see the list of approved volunteers if you're not sure it's been completed.


Just in case you didn't know, DON'T COME TO SCHOOL TOMORROW!!!! Comal County Fair Holiday!!!

We will be scheduling SUMS starting on October 7th. Schedule and document file to be sent soon. We will have these completed in time for you to give tutoring and iStation information at parent conferences.

Carnival sign up has been shared with you! Please make sure your event is completely covered the entire time. There should be at least 2 from your group here from 5:00 - 7:00 and at least 2 from your group here from 7:00 - 9:00 (for the groups that have more people, there will be 3 or 4 at a time).

PTA Reflections starts the week of October 5th. They plan to have a couple of after school work sessions to assist students in creating meaningful, quality products. More info to come very soon!


Please continue to keep Coach and his family in your thoughts and prayers. It's never easy to lose someone, even when you think you are prepared.

Mari's mom will have some tests this week and we want positive results there!

DeeDee's daughter, Lacee, had ankle surgery today! Hopefully, all was successful and she will be back on the court soon!

Rosie Posie will be seeing a specialist this week to determine if her foot is healing correctly or if she will need surgery. Also, her grandbaby had some surgical esophagial repairs this week, so I know she would appreciate your thoughts and prayers as well.