Wildcats Weekly

Friday, September 25th


We will be taking our first Forces of Motion Unit test on Friday. We will begin discussing Kinetic and Potential energy, energy transformation, and simple machines next week.

Language Arts

Our passages of the week are "Nothing Gold Can Stay" by Robert Frost and a news article titled "For Students in Trouble, L.A. Schools Try Counseling before Punishment". Nothing Gold Can Stay should be submitted on the link found on the homework calendar.

Students should also be annotating their novel in one of three ways- directly in the novel, on post-it notes, or on notebook paper with page numbers. For chapter 7, they are looking for stereotypes or the breaking of stereotypes.


This past Tuesday, we tested on Unit 1. This week, we are beginning Unit 2: Operations with Rational Numbers. We will first study operations with decimals, and then fractions. Unit 2 will have two quizzes (decimal quiz & fraction quiz) before the final unit test. Please remember that when your child is absent, they can download notes and view our videos while at home so they are not behind when they return to school!

Calculator Rental Time! If you are not quite ready to buy that expensive graphing calculator, we have a rental program at school. If interested, your child needs to pick up a rental form from me, and bring it home for you both to read and sign. They then need to bring it to the school lobby before school starts the week of 9/28 to get their calculator. If your child does have their own calculator, they do not need it at school until we begin Unit 3.

Social Studies

We are continuing to work on the Colonization unit. We will be doing stations and the students will be visiting the other Social Studies teachers for lessons.

National Junior Honors Society

Please see the NJHS letter for eligibility information if your child is interested in participating in the National Junior Honors Society.

Interim Signatures Required

We have reached the halfway point for the first quarter. Interims are being sent home with your child this afternoon. Students should return their signed interims to their homeroom teacher by Tuesday, September 29th. If you have questions or concerns about a particular grade/assignment, please contact the teacher of that particular course. We do have a large number of assignments that were turned in late, or were turned in without a name on it. If your child thinks they turned something in, please have them check the teacher's no-name folder or bin. Latework will be updated in PowerSchool as it is graded. Thank you very much for your support!