New Tech Ideas

Tech Ideas....Pebble Go..Feedback for Mrs. Raindrop

Pebble Go (PreK-2)

Have you heard about Pebble Go? I saw it in action at another school and thought this may be something that you all might find interesting....especially if you are wanting to practice more research skills with your students. It is designed for PreK-2 learners, emergent readers, and it reads aloud while highlighting each word. There are even printable activities that the students can complete using their devices. Students can research Animals, science, biographies, dinosaurs, and another animal database which is spoken in Spanish. Some of the videos can even be downloaded!!!!!

Pebble GoNEXT (3-5)

I didn't forget about the upper grades. There is a PebbleGo next for grades 3-5. Those students can research different States, Science modules, American Indian History, and Social studies. Each one includes lesson ideas and activities that students can use on their ipads.

How to Check it Out?

These resources aren't free, but I do have a 2 week trial which allows you full access to everything! If this is something that you would like to add to your tech resources please fill out the quick survey so we can have some feedback!

Pebble Go-


Password: 65948

PebbleGo Next-


Password: 93572

Black History Month Ideas...

Reading A-Z

Black History Month Reading Books

Reading A-Z has books and activities for all ages that you can easily incorporate into your lesson plans. If you want some quick books to gather some information about notable African Americans, this a great resource.

Popplet App

  • Maybe even have your students research an African American using the Pebble Go research tool to gather facts (while we have access), then have the students create a timeline of that person's life or experiences.
  • Have students create their own(CAN-HAVE-ARE) graphic organizer about someone they choose.
  • Research facts about the Civil Rights Movement and create a timeline based on the important events.

A Famous Response..using Chatterpix

  • Once students have researched their notable person, pose a question or current event. Have the students respond from that person's point of view.
  • Students can then use the Chatterpix app to record their thoughts. (Again, practice on paper first to organize their thoughts.
  • Have students think about an issue in their community or the world. Then have them provide ways that those issues could be solved.
  • What are some ways that we can show love and peace towards the people that don't look or think like us?
  • What would the world be like if he/she didn't contribute to society?
  • Lower grades- Discuss different facts about their person and why they feel he/she is important.
  • CNN Student News- 10 minute news show

If you are interested in any of these ideas, want more information, or help to incorporate these ideas in your classroom, please let me know. I'm glad to help. Enjoy!