No more greenhouse gases!


Greenhouse gases cause global warming

Greenhouse gases starts global warming. Global warming cause high sea levels, which can drown or damage houses. Many animals will also lose their homes. Global warming makes the temperatures warmer. Warmer temperatures melts glaciers and we will lose more water.Scientists say that we can’t stop global warming, but we can slow it down. Research shows that if the glaciers keep melting at the same speed, all our ice will be gone in a few centuries.

Greenhouse gases pollute the air

Greenhouse gases pollute the air. Greenhouse gases release carbon dioxide,when we burn gas in our cars and coal in our trains. It rises and ends up in the earth’s atmosphere, where it traps heat from the sun. Today’s levels of carbon dioxide are almost twice as high as they have been over the last 800,000 years. As a result, temperatures around the world are rising quickly.Our plants clean this for us, but when trees are cut or burnt down, carbon dioxide is released again. Greenhouse gases also takes away ozone. Ozone is what protects us from the sun's UV rays.

Greenhouse gases harms us

Greenhouse gases harm us. When greenhouse gases take away ozone level, we would get more of the sun's rays. Many people get sick from the sun's rays. Air pollution makes our air dirtier and makes it harder for us to breath. When greenhouse gases melt glaciers, rivers and streams would dry up. Farmers could lose their jobs if they didn't have enough water to grow their crops.