Benjamin Johnson Doping? (PEDs)

When Did this Happen

His Doping Story

On September 24th 1988 at the summer Olympics in Seoul Benjamin Sinclair Johnson beat the world wide record in the 100 metre sprint. Canada cheered as Benjamin crossed the finish line at 9.79 seconds. Benjamin brought Canada happiness on this day. Even the Prime Minister Brian Mulroney called to congratulated him. " It was a marvellous evening for Canada" Brain said. But sadly this so called "happiness" did not last long. Park Jong-sei of the Olympic doping control centre found Stanozolol in Benjamin's urine sample. Three days after winning the tittle Benjamin was striped of it. Later on that year Benjamin admitted to using steroids in the 1987 sprint. Then the IAAF ( International Association of Athletics Federations) also striped him of his place in 1987 sprint. By using Stanozolol Benjamin build muscle and lost unnecessary weight. Usually Stanozolol has side effects like swelling of the face or unusual bowel movements, but Benjamin didn't show any of these side effects.

Types of PEDs

There are a lot of PEDs that athletes use, the most PEDs that they use are:

Lean Mass Builders: amplify the growth of muscle and body mass, reduces body fat. Surprisingly it also reduces the time it takes for an athlete to heal from an injury.

Stimulants: gives the body and mind energy to perform

Pain Killers: reduces pain when injured. Some pain killers raise blood pressure

Sedative\Anxiolytics: sometimes used in sports like archery for steady hand and accurate aim.

Stanozolol: is exactly like steroids. It builds body muscle and loses body fat.

History of PEDS

PEDs started way back in Ancient Greece. The athletes back then where also known to drink "magic" potions. The first athlete to be tested positive for PEDs was Hans-Gunnar Liljenwall from Sweden, at the 1968 summer Olympics.

My Graph the second graph

This Graph shows what society thinks about the usage of PEDs. As you can see most people think that athletes use steroids or any other drug for weight lifting. I think this is because for weight lifting you need muscle and muscle doesn't just magically appear. It takes a while to build muscle. So most likely the athletes would take a type of drug.

Society also thinks that not a lot of swimming and gymnastic athletes don't take and PEDS. Why is this? I think that swimming and gymnastics are just as hard a weight lifting.