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The Professional Learning department needs you! Take a look at their message below! If you're selected by their department, this is a PAID opportunity.

  • Are you the personalized learning guru in your school?
  • Have you implemented any of the 7 principles in your content area and are seeing positive results?
  • Do you have content developed on personalized learning and want to share?

If so, we are looking for you! Please fill out the form with your idea!

Vanguard Reference Guide for Principals

Through a Personalized Learning newsletter, principals at all schools are being provided with this Vanguard Reference Guide. It was designed to help administrators have a common understanding about the expectations and roles of Vanguard team members.

While principals will receive the link separately, you can feel free to send it to them as well. If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.

Microsoft Training

On June 1, you are invited to participate in the Microsoft Innovative Educator 1 Day Teacher Academy (description below). This will be facilitated by other Vanguard members who are certified Microsoft Innovative Educators. You will receive $100 stipend for participating. This will be held at the GA Tech Hotel.

This one-day professional learning experience is designed for the K-12 classroom educator who wants to learn more about Microsoft’s best tools and resources for classroom learning. Learn how to most effectively use the latest version of Windows and Windows Apps. Discover Office Mix, Sway, and OneNote, including how digital notebooks can be created and used as a productivity tool for educators and students.

Register for the June 1 Microsoft Training!

In order to adequately plan for this workshop, please indicate on the registration form which Office 365 apps you would like to explore further. We would like to personalize this experience and spend time on what you need.


COHORTS 1,2, & 3 - TIM Observations

Since there is no April coaching log/touch base, it would be a great time to make sure your TIM-Os have been entered. In looking at the data, there are MANY, MANY schools in which no data has been logged.

Please remember that this data is used to help defend the existence of the Vanguard team and our budget. TIM-Os are an expectation.

Cohorts 4A and 4B - It is OPTIONAL for you to have TIM-O data entered before the end of the school year. You will be required to begin in the fall along with the new 5A cohort members.




Remember to select the correct ticket based upon your role.

  • Vanguard ONLY: May 31, 2016
  • VANGUARD & LEARNING ARCHITECT: Register for both May 31 & June 1

April VanChats

Spaces are still available for April VanChats. If you are looking to chat about Vanguard, work on a project, share concerns or suggestions, etc., sign up for a time that I can come visit you! Please be sure to pay attention to the learning community and time of day. Signing up for a chat is completely optional!


Ever wondered about how computer labs are going to survive in a Personalized Learning environment? Well, Brian Madej, High Point ES, discusses how his school has addressed this with their computer lab. While it's not completely finished, the lab has begun its transformation into a more accessible and useful learning space.

Check out this week's Roving Reporter to learn how!

Roving Reporter - Computer Lab Transition
Roving Reporter Archives

Missed an episode of Roving Reporter? They're all housed on our Vanguard website. Visit it today and learn something new!


Spring Discovery Education VirtCon!

You are invited to participate in a free Virtual Conference ("VirtCon") with Discovery Education on Saturday, April 16th. You can join at any time of the day and for any length of time. All you need to participate is a computer with access to the Internet.

Vanguard member, Kati Searcy, will be streaming live as she presents the 10:00 a.m. session from Discovery Education HQ in Maryland.

Become an Edmodo Ambassador

Love Edmodo? Then apply to become an Edmodo Ambassador and continue to learn about and share your Edmodo passion!

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Our mission as a Vanguard team is to build the capacity of FCS educators and leaders to provide innovative instruction which meets the needs, skills and interests of all students.
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