Ebola in Africa

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10 facts about ebola

  1. Transmitted to humans from bats. They believe
  2. Introduced into the human population through the secretions , blood , or other bloody fluids of many diff infected animals.
  3. Other animals are monkeys , chimpanzees , gorillas , forest antelope and porcupine
  4. spread from west/central Africa
  5. a fever greater than 101.5
  6. muscles pain , severe headache , weakness , abdominal pain
  7. virus isolation by culture , antibody , capture enzyme -inked
  8. z mapp
  9. brincidofovir
  10. tkm-ebola

What region?


Is it rich , poor , urban or rural?


What role does poverty play?

No education , money , or healthcare .

Is the disease curable?

Yes .

How it's impacting Africa ?

28,635 people with the disease and 11,314 people who have died from it .

Is it a major or minor disease there ?

Major because it has effected a lot of people and families .

What can Africa do to limit this disease ?

Africa can get more people in school , more healthcare , and get better jobs to pay for healthcare .