Fifth Grade News

Welcome to the Fifth Grade Cafe


This week in writing we worked as a class to begin researching an argumentative topic. We are looking into the ethics behind zoos. Some students chose to look into why zoos are a good home for animals while others chose to research why they are not. As a class we compiled a list of reasons to support both sides.


In reading this week we continued our work with main idea in nonfiction articles. The students worked with a partner to chunk an article into different sections before determining the overall main idea.


In math, we continued our work with understanding fractions as division. Students applied this knowledge to word problems. We also began finding fractional parts of a whole by drawing sets.

A Peek Into Next Week

Writing: Next week in writing we will be taking our research and beginning to organize our information into paragraphs along with our own thoughts and opinions.

Reading: We are going to be using our main idea sentences to create a summary for a nonfiction article. We will also practice implementing strategies for unfamiliar words.

Math: We will be multiplying whole number fractions and beginning to look at a fraction multiplied by another fraction.


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