Emerson Newsletter

March 5, 2021

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Emerson families love Butter Braids ....and they're are back!

Here is the link to buy Butter braids!


Sale ends 3/17/21.

Pick up date will be 3/24/21 from 12-1:30 pm

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From PTA

Happy Monday

March 8-13 Nothing Bundt Cake Dine Out

Thankyou to everyone who participated in our Kindness Challenge!! We will be announcing the results and winners coming next week!

Remember, the amount of money does not matter, It is all about spreading kindness!

Be on the lookout as the PTA will be seling I Have A Bean coffee in March. More information to come!!

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McDonald's Fun Facts!

  • A New McDonald's Opens Every 14.5 Hours
  • More People Eat at McDonald's Each Day than the Entire Population of the UK

  • They Are the World's Largest Toy Distributor
  • The Queen of England Owns a McDonald's
  • McDonald's Makes Over $75,000,000 Per Day

  • There Are Names tor the Different Shapes of the Nuggets. The names are: bone, bell, ball, and boot.