What's Happening at School?

Graettinger-Terril/Ruthven-Ayrshire Schools - February 2018


The 7th-graders in Mrs. Jungers' language arts class studied the 8 parts of speech and created a game using them all. They also had to think about writing clear and concise directions so anyone could play their game. IVAN CAPP stands for Interjections, Verbs, Adjectives, Nouns, Conjunctions, Adverbs, Pronouns, Prepositions.

Career and Technical Education

Governor Kim Reynolds signed into a proclamation that February is Career and Technical Education Month. Many classrooms at GT/RA incorporate to combine technical, academic, and employability skills in a hands-on environment.

Creating Menus for Personal Restaurants

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GT 8th-Grade Career Unit

The 8th-grade Career Unit is underway! The GT students have learned about how everyone is intelligent in different ways and have been studying Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences. They have taken quizzes to see what areas they have strengths or weaknesses in. They were grouped in intelligence-alike groups and taught a skill to the entire class based on the strengths of that intelligence. They are now listening to guest speakers each day share about their occupations. The students are analyzing the information they hear from the speakers and applying it to what they know about intelligence and determining what types of intelligence are best fits for each occupation.

Dr. Dave Rentlescher, a veterinarian and professor at Iowa Lakes Emmetsburg Campus, spoke about his profession and had the students guess different bones from different animals.

Winter Olympics at GT High School

The GT High School Homerooms are participating in their own Winter Olympics. The homerooms are competing in competitions such as Battle of the Brains, Speed Skating, Curling, Diving, and Quidditch. An Opening and Closing Ceremony along with a Medal Presentation were enjoyed by all. Below students compete in the Hammer Throw and a Harry Potter game of Quidditch.
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Prairie Lakes AEA Literacy Support

Tricia Christopher helps the GT/RA PK and elementary teachers by providing support in reading and writing. Tricia visits our schools, studies our student data, models, and provides guidance to teachers on our students' needs and curriculum that is delivered. Student scores are improving with this support from our AEA.


Students in Mrs. Zylstra's 6th-grade reading class are reading the book Holes by Louis Sachar. Students are using this book to understand what inference is by using what they know to understand the meaning.
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Have Your DNA and Eat It Too!

Mrs. Goodchild's 7th-grade students are doing a unit on Cell Reproduction in Science.

Students built an editable model of DNA while learning the rules of base pairing and the structure of DNA.

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Teachers are Learners

On Friday, Feb. 16, the GT/RA teachers spent the day learning. The elementary teachers traveled to Storm Lake to learn about interventions that can be used in reading. The middle school and high school teachers learned about students with Autism, researched writing activities for their classrooms, and reflected on common core standards in their classrooms.
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Planetarium Visit at GT Elementary

Mrs. Klepper borrowed a planetarium from Prairie Lakes AEA to allow students to see the night sky during the daytime! She talked to the students about the pictures that the stars make!
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Gracie the Goat

Gracie was born a triplet in Ms. Robinson's goat herd about two weeks ago. She weighed 4 lbs. and was unable to walk. The GTRA agriculture students have helped nurse Gracie back to health. She is now about 6 lbs. and able to walk.
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Hoops for Heart

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Ms. Graettinger's Freshmen Language Arts

The GT freshmen are working on writing analogies.
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