Thrive Chiropractic- December

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I hope everyone had an incredible Thanksgiving weekend filled with lots of food, rest and fun. As we make our way into the holiday season I want to borrow a little terminology from the computer science field to help explain the importance of a happy spine!

I won't pretend to act like I know much about computers but I have heard the term"GIGO" or "Garbage In Garbage Out," which describes the idea that if a computer is programmed poorly or with bad input, it will produce less than desired output or results. This is a great analogy to explain what happens with our brain if it is receiving poor signals from the spine. Your spine is loaded with sense receptors that are constantly feeding valuable information up to your brain about your body. If your spine is stuck or misaligned the signals get mixed up and we have "garbage input" up to the brain. This negatively affects how your brain processes, integrates and controls your body leading to "garbage output." This is a pretty big deal since your brain runs the show.

By regularly taking care of your spine your brain works better! Speaking of computers, starting chiropractic care is like upgrading your nervous system from dial-up to high speed! As always I appreciate the opportunity to share chiropractic with you all and the great referrals you send my way! Happy Holidays!

Brent Vuyovich, DC


Open Adjusting Hours for current members are as follows:

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The office will be closed Sat. Dec 5th, Th. Dec 24th and Sat. Dec 26th