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Reflections from Pastor Jennifer

I hope everyone took good notes yesterday during the sermon "Deliverance is Not what You Think". Acts 16 gives at least three examples of deliverance: 1. Paul healing the girl with a python spirit, 2. Paul and Silas praising and praying until an earthquake shook the jail at midnight, and 3. The jailer and his family were saved and baptized that very night. I encourage you that whatever state you are in, remember that this is not the end of you! It is just a stop on your way to deliverance.

Also, what fun it was to see what everyone brought for First Sunday Meal! Our "first letter/dish name" theme really brought out the creativity in everyone. Everything I tasted was delicious!

Operation Christmas Child

Perhaps you have been hesitant to give to Operation Christmas Child - unsure of where your contribution will end up. Or maybe you give faithfully each month, but you are curious about the lives of the children who receive these gifts each Christmas. The link above will allow you to choose from numerous videos of people whose childhoods were deeply impacted by the ministry of Samaritan's Purse. Their stories are touching!
Never Walk Alone - Brian Free and Assurance Lyrics