Coffin Nails

They cause Cancer.

Bad Stuff Dawg

-Smoking can cause Blood Cancer
-Smoking can cause lung damage
-Smoking in pregnant women can cause a low birth weight for the baby
-You can give second and third hand smoke to the people around you
-Smoking harms nearly every organ in the body

To the bottom left is a heavy smokers lungs being compared to an orange.

More Bad Stuff Dawg

-More than 480,000 deaths a year in Murica
-90% of lung caner is caused by smoking
-If no one smoked 1 in 3 cancer related deaths would be gone
-Teens are more likely to become addicted than adults

Ways to Quit Dawg

-Cold Turkey
-Nicotine patches
-See a counselor

Bad Stuff in Them Dawg

-Carbon Monoxide