speed skating

by adam wilhide

when i skate i feel like im flying. skating is a lifestyle. speedskating is a very tough sport. i practice every day after school. i look up to the pro in skating and pro speed skating.


training needed

  • to be in top condistion
  • years of training

skill needed

  • disapline
  • training


  • very hard to get into it


  • alot of skating
  • pratice


  1. indorsments
  2. 40,000 a year

why i do it

  • because i love what i do

why people might not do it

  • because its challeging
  • takes alot of time

day in the life

  • practice
  • hardwork

skating is a lifestyle for many people and i live and breath speed skating. when i wake up its all about speed skating. speed skating is a very tough not many people make it where i made it. you have to practice every day after school non stop practice. me and my team mates are the most fit people on the earth. the way we feel about skating is like a dream of mine since i was a kid. and i have taken on the dream and did it. i am a pro speed skater and no one can beat me. i take pride in what i do and i hope you can fofill your dreams to.