Delta Goodrem

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Point Sheets!

Get points for each question you get correct. The more points the better.

Guessing game 1

Do you know how delta became famous?

Did she:

1. Go on a tv show eg Xfactor, The Voice

2.Post videos on YouTube

3.Signed to a music company and produce some new songs.

Delta Goodrem was signed to Sony Music Company at the age of 15.

Delta Goodrem's Album

The First Album

It is a multi-platinum album. It was released in Australia on the 21st of March 2003.

  • Gave Delta Goodrem the record of the first female artist to achieve 5 Australian number one- singles.
  • 4.5 million copies were sold world wide.
  • It was the highest selling album of the decade in Australia

Picture Hunt

In this game you will try to find pictures of her albums. Each picture will have a number of points written on the back. The first albums will have higher points. You will have a 2 minute time limit. There are 3 pictures of each album. 3 of the pictures are not albums. Once you touch the picture you must take it.

Innocent Eyes

Delta's First album is Innocent eyes.

Guessing Game 2

Do you know what her first album was? If so, which song was the oldest out of the 3? If you know the latest one then tell me that too! If you know the answer then tell put your hand up and tell me. Give me both answers and you'll get 10 points. If you answer 1 of them than you get 5 points.

Delta Goodrem - Sitting On Top Of The World
Delta Goodrem - Heart Hypnotic
Innocent Eyes - Delta Goodrem

Did you guess right?

Did you guess right? Did you guess innocent eyes , sitting on top of the world or heart hypnotic. If you chose Innocent eyes for your answer for the oldest album song then you are right!!! If you did the additional question what was your answer. Did you guess heart hypnotic or sitting on top of the world? If you guessed Heart Hypnotic then you are correct! If you answered the questions and got it right then add points to your sheet!

The Voice

The Voice is an Australian singing contest show. There are four judges on the voice. One of the four judges are Delta Goodrem. She has been a judge on the voice for a few years.

Quiz Time!!!

Do you know all the answers to these questions? Get into groups of three and try to answer these questions.

  1. What was Delta Goodrem's first album?
  2. Name one song that was played in the guessing game before.
  3. How did Delta Goodrem become famous?
  4. How many judges are there on the Voice?
  5. What is Delta Goodrem's latest album?

How many questions did you answer correctly? Did you get a lot of points? Time to count your points and give your sheets back to me! The person with the most points gets the prize.