Yoga at Work

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Your well-being comes first

Power Yoga is as much about training the mind to be still and calm as it is about training the physical body. The physical and mental impacts for an executive who spends a lot of time sedentary and hunched over a computer or chained to an office are enormous alone. It has to be balanced or sickness and disease set in. Take the well-being of you and your team into your own hands and commit to a weekly POWER YOGA program in your home or work place.

Just one class a week will add enormous vitality to your team!

Roll Up Yoga - where I come to you!

The Power of One!

In just one hour, in one session per week, you will boost the vitality of your entire team! This strong, dynamic style of modern yoga gives you your fitness, spiritual training and well-being all in one session!

Frequently asked questions

Will I lose weight? Yes, Heart Rate monitor tests show that the majority of the POWER YOGA class is done in the fat burning zone.

Isn't yoga an "airy fairy" form of relaxation? No! It is a strong physical and mental discipline, designed to quieten the mind and develop presence and focus whilst doing a range of strengthening, physical postures. This is what brings about relaxation!

Will I sweat?

Will just one session a week benefit me?
Yes, enormously!

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