Heroes in British Literature

Digital Portfolio-Mason Hayward


I liked the topic I picked (heroes and leaders), even though it is pretty broad in this story a lot of things can be taken and many themes can be drawn. I thought my ballad and the rhyming scheme was creative. I thought I encompassed the whole story well and tried to incorporate my theme as well.

I waited a little too long to start but it didn’t affect it too much. I also don’t know if my formatting is the best on each line, but it was fun overall.

I would maybe like to try a more creative piece, probably not a drawing though.
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In Beowulf, the hero becomes someone who didn’t have to do anything. Grendel was not affecting Beowulf’s land. He learned people needed help, so he packed up and went to save the Danes from misery. He put himself in the face of danger. Beowulf eventually became the leader of their land, and one they all respected and trusted to lead them and keep them safe. A type of leader every civilization desires for.

Dear Reader

I actually enjoyed doing this type of work, never before have I used these different techniques to display themes of a book. Also, this digital portfolio was interesting, and new, and added something creative and personal. Adding in the creativity with the portfolio made doing themes of a story more enjoyable and easier to do. I never got around to doing something from List B, however, I had the opportunity to record my very first diary entry, and ballad.