E O Muncie Learning Commons

Curiosity, Creativity, Innovation

Welcome to the E. O. Muncie Elementary Learning Commons; formally known as the Library Media Center. Today’s Learning Commons is designed to serve all members of the E. O. Muncie community and is very different than the library you or I may have experienced during our schooldays. Students will still visit the Learning Commons to gather reading and research materials, however, the environment and the way our students use the library has changed in many ways. We want to create a space that really fosters student engagement, allow students to think critically and problem solve. The library has always been the place to go for great resources, but now it is officially a center for learning and creating.

There will be changing activities placed around the library with the intention of igniting curiosity, creativity and innovation. Using both high and low-tech materials, and, sometimes no tech at all.

But don't worry! E. O. Muncie Library is still the place to go for great books! We will have a whole shipment of new books for you to check out, soon.

As you get better acquainted with the Destiny catalog system, it will knock your socks off! You will have access to the library with the click of a button. How's that for 24-hour library access?

~Mrs. Stevenson

About Us

Our goals are to:

  • Get students excited about the library space and learning.
  • Give students opportunities to work on engaging tasks.
  • Provide spaces to work collaboratively, think critically, and creatively.

Also, to transition to a place where students DO stuff, not simply a place where students GET stuff.