C.C. Winn Tennis

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Interview with Coach Kypuros

Q: How did you 1st get interested in Tennis?

A: I first started playing Tennis in college, i never played in high school. I received lessons at T.C.U. and began USTA tournaments in my mid 20's.

Q: How do you motivate your player?

A: One has to motivate their players in whats positive and whats negative. I always tell my players that we play to win. Its all about the effort that we put into the game. If mistakes are made during a match I talk to the team member about what they are doing and how they can improve. If a player wins a match then that is motivation in itself.We become more and more winners everyday.

Q: What are the benefits of playing tennis?

A: Tennis is a life-long sport. I know people who are 80 years old and are still playing tennis. The thing about tennis is that once you play and you learn it, its just a matter of wanting to keep going.

-Jennifer Mireles

Winn Tennis Practice


A. Matches consist of three sets of six games.

B. Conventional advantage scoring will be used.

C. A set is completed when a player has won six games and leads an opponent by two games.

D. Sets reaching six games apiece will play a 7out-of-12 points tiebreaker.

E. Each player will bring a NEW can of balls to each match. The loser of the match keeps the open can.

The winner takes the new can to the next match.

-Benjamin Sanchez Jr.

C.C. Winn High School Maverick Tennis 2014 Fall Schedule

Date--------------------------- Team------------------- Time--------Site

Thursday, Sept. 4th--------Uvalde HS-------------4:30pm----Uvalde HS

Saturday, Sept. 6th---------Nixon HS---------------9:00am----EP SAC

Wednesday, Sept. 10th----EP HS-------------------4:00pm----EP SAC

Saturday, Sept. 13th-------Martin HS-------------9:00am----EP SAC

Thursday, Sept. 25th------Medina Valley HS----4:30pm---Uvalde HS

Thursday, Oct. 2nd--------Cigarroa HS------------4:30pm---EP SAC

October 17-18------------ Area Tournament

October 31st- Nov.1-----Regional Tournament


Boys Varsity

1. Garza, Angel

2. Gonzales, Alan

3. Gonzales, Victor

4. Jimenez, JP

5. Rodriguez, Christopher

6. Saliaz, Chris

Boys J.V.

1. Santiago, Ferez

2. Alexis, Gomez

Girls Varsity

1. De La Cerda, Grecia

2. Galvan, Rachel

3. Gloria, Sydney

4. Guerra, Harui

5. Hernandez, Cristina

6. Hernandez, Magaly

7. Martinez, Stephanie

8. Solis, Gricelda

9. Villa, Paola

Girls J.V.

1. Balderas, Karen

2. Cervantes, Xitlalli

3. Escamilla, Blayma

4. Rios, Kasandra

5. Rodriguez, Sydney

6. Torres, Bianca

7. Gonzales, Jennifer

8. Olivares, Haylee

9. Garcia, Natalie

Head Coach: Carla Sifuentes

Assistant Tennis Coach: Willy Kypuros


  • Must own a tennis racket
  • Must stay for after school practice in order to attend games
  • May take the tennis class or stay for after school practice
  • Must wear tennis shoes
  • No jewelry allowed
  • Stay hydrated

Physical Reasons to Play Tennis

  1. Aerobic Fitness - by running fast and improving your cardiovascular fitness and maintaining higher energy levels
  2. Ability to accelerate- by practicing sprinting, jumping, and lunging to move quickly
  3. Powerful first step- by requiring anticipation, quick reaction time and explosion into action
  4. Speed through a series of side to side and up and back sprints to chase the ball
  5. Leg strength- through hundreds of starts and stops which build stronger leg muscles
  6. General Body Coordination- since you have to move into position and then adjust your upper body to hit the ball successfully
  7. Dynamic Balance- through hundreds of starts, stops, changes in direction and hitting on the run
  8. Bone Strength and Density- by strengthening bones of your players and helping prevent osteoporosis in older ones
  9. Immune System- through its conditioning effects which promote overall health, fitness and resistance to disease
  10. Nutritional Habits- by eating appropriately before competition to enhance energy production and after competition to practice proper recovery methods
  11. Flexibility- due to the constant stretching and maneuvering to return the ball toward your opponent

-Sara Trevino

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Serena Williams

Born on September 26, 1981 in Saginaw, Michigan into a family with 4 other sisters, Serena began playing tennis when her father encouraged her and her sister, Venus, to pursue a life in tennis. She and her sister would practice for 2 hours a day even at the age of 3. She turned pro in 1995 while in high school and even scored a $12 million shoe deal with puma after she graduated. Though she has had her ups and downs through out her career, including the death of her sister, Yetunde, and various health scares, she has gone and won countless tournaments and even 2 Olympic Gold Medals. Shes even competed against her sister a few times.

-Ricky Elizondo

History of Tennis

The history of tennis can be rooted back to the 12th century France, which basically means it all stated at Europe, However, it is also said that the game of tennis is derived from the French tenez, which meant something to the effect of "take this," said as one player would serve to the other. As the game became more popular, courtyard playing areas began to be modified into indoor courts, where the ball was still played off the wall.

-Benjamin Sanchez Jr.

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Achievements of the Winn Tennis Team!

The Winn Tennis Team has achieved great awards. It has done great in representing C.C. Winn High School. Here are some of its achievements:

  • In 2007, the team won 2nd in the district only losing by a few points
  • in 2009, the team placed 3rd in a tournament in Uvalde, Tx

-Jennifer Mireles, Sara Trevino, Benjamin Sanchez, Ricky Elizondo