Early Ojibwe


Samara Ortiz-Stille

Sewing and Hunting

In the winter aka Biboon the men and wemen had chores to do along with the children The women and girls sewed dresses, jackets, moccasins , fishing nets, hunting bags ,and other clothing's made out of hide. The women also cooked the food for the men and children. Another task the women and young girls watch the children. The women did that while the men hunted for elk, deer, moose, wolves, fox, and bears.


Snowshoes were made from a strip split ash wood that had been curved either by warming over a fire or by pouring hot water over it. The two ends were then tied together it made the shape make a outline for a beavers tail. Two wooden cross bars would be added for strength and the open sections would be filled in with rawhide woven in a hexagonal pattern using a needle made of wood. A strip of rawhide tied across the top of the shoe and another tied across the heel held the snowshoe together. That is how the ojibwe made snowshoes.
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