Digital Citizenship Project

Kian D., Period 3

What is Digital Citizenship?

Digital Citizenship is being nice and safe online. You should never give away personal information, like passwords, to anybody but your parents. Never be rude or unkind, and never post anything that could possibly hurt others. Also, you should never just copy a person's work and use it as your own, for it could have major consequences. Instead, put the writing in quotations and state the creator, or just restate it in your own words.

Why is it necessary for everyone to understand and display positive Digital Citizenship practice

It is very important for everyone have good Digital Citizenship, because otherwise, the internet would not be a fun place to go. If there were no Digital Citizenship, people would be mean and rude, and you wouldn't be able to talk to people on the internet without a rude message popping up on your screen. People would obtain other's personal information easily and steal their identity. Also, people could not make their books and songs for fear of having it stolen. The internet would be a terrible place were it not for Digital Citizenship.

Digital Citizenship Rules

1. Never be rude to people online: Do not post anything that might be hurtful, and reread your message before you send it.

2. Never share personal information on the internet: People might use it for spamming, malware, or identity theft, so don't ever give your information out until you've read the privacy policy.

3. Be careful about what you do on social networking sites, like Facebook: Don't talk with or befriend someone you don't know.

4. Don't tell anyone personal Information like passwords or your name: Don't give any hints about it either, because they can use it to harm you.

5. Don't be a Cyberbully: Never post anything that might be hurtful to others, and if someone does it to you, just ignore them or tell an adult.

6. Never commit plagiarism: Don't just copy anyone's work, because there are major consequences.

7. Respect copyright: Never use anyone else's work unless you have permission, or you can get sued

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