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Unit Dose Packaging – How to Select the Best Service Provider

Small scale pharmaceutical and cosmetics manufacturers are always on the lookout for ways to streamline their supply chain. This function becomes even more important when they look at their packaging requirements.

The industry as such needs specialist solutions to help manage its product packaging needs. In fact, there are some types of packaging solutions that are specifically designed to cater to these industries only. Unit dose packaging happens to be one of them. The system involves packing single dosage amounts of the product in question to allow the customers to safely use it without having to worry about quantities being consumed. Medicinal tablets, topical application creams and even some cosmetics make extensive use of this technology to enhance their product usage experience for customers. But finding the right service provider who can cater to these requirements isn’t easy.

You see, Unit dose packaging equipment happens to be some of the most costly machines you can imagine and not every manufacturer can afford buying them. Outsourcing this function seems to be a good idea but the tricky part is, finding a service provider who can deliver the right quality at the right price.

Some of the things that you should keep in mind before approaching any unit dose packaging service provider are:
• Capital matters: Since hiring these services is an expensive affair, a bit of research can help you to save some amount of money. Ask the unit dose packaging service company about the cost that they take for a batch of products. If it goes according to your budget then go for it. Since there is lot of competition in this service industry, you will get a chance to compare the cost and various services that the many competitors provide. Some of the firm also offer packages and discounts on various occasions.
• Question the authenticity: Many firms that you will approach will claim to give you the best service possible. You should ask for a guarantee of the service that they provide. This can help you to save a lot of money and future hassles.
• Ask for registrations: Since unit dose packaging requires expert handling, it becomes very important that the technicians that are going to carry out the work are trained and skilled. See if they are licenced. The licensed service providers will be the one who has passed the entire test for the quality workmanship and possesses good know as well as technical knowledge about his trade.
• Go for Word of Mouth: Word of Mouth is best option to get references and has been working since a long time. This is the best option since your industry associates will always give you suggestions without any bias. Any reputed unit dose packaging company who wants to build the credibility in the market will try its best to gain the trust of the costumers.

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