Easter Event Information

inform your community - attract new members

Is your group doing anything interesting over the Easter Holidays?

You may know that the Easter holidays are coming up fast and this year it is hoped that information on what children and young people can be doing in their free time is needed more than ever [this is what young people and their families are telling us]

If you or your organisation is doing something interesting over the school holidays then let us know so it can be added to our diary of events that will be shared with the schools, and to young people who have offered us their contact details - we will also pass this information on to the PCSOs and other professionals to ensure they have all the available information when they engage with young people in this area

we will need to know what activities you are planning - when they will take place and how much it will cost to participate - it would be great if you also add a contact number for interested parties to book in on

Venues needed

There are a number of small groups who are looking for spaces where they can work with young people

If we know where the spaces are and when they can be used and of course how much it costs to access the site we can share this information with individuals and groups who want to do activities, making everyone happy and improving opportunities for access to local young people