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Welcome Back!

This first week of school has been amazing! Probably one of the best starts of school we have had in a really long time. The kids have been really quick to start getting routines down, and each day the past week we've gotten quicker in arrival, lunch, and dismissal. I'm really proud of the kids, and of course super excited to have them back.

The halls and classrooms are a much happier place with our little people filling the spaces. The first days of school are both exciting and scary for a lot of people, parents included. We understand that and appreciate that you have put your trust in us. We consider not only educating but caring for your children a privilege. We look forward to building a strong relationship with you throughout the coming years.

In all we have had an awesome start! I've loved visiting with the kids in the mornings and at lunch time! You have amazing kids- Thank you for sharing them with us!!!


I (Mrs. Goble) will send out a newsletter to families each month with information so that you can find it in 1 location. Typically I try not to make them really long, but some months just happen that way. I always try to chunk the information so you can pick and choose what applies to you and your child(ren).

There are times I will send quick messages out through Infinite Campus or all calls for things that can't wait for the newsletter. I will also send information out to you when protocols change or we get new mandates that we have to follow that directly affect our kids or families.

We also try to update our FB page with information, as well as, share pictures or events from school there. If you haven't already started following us I encourage you to do so. I will always send out information using more than 1 platform. (ie: email and an all call or email and FB)

I do make the assumption that parents are keeping connected in one way or another. This is a shared relationship and I do expect a level of parent involvement (specifically keeping aware of school information, procedures, policies) so that we are all on the same page for the benefit of our students.

You can contact me with any questions. I am able to respond to email much faster than I can parent calls. (I am rarely in a place to make a private call), but I will respond. If you send me a message and I have not responded in 24 hours, I either did not get your message or I am indisposed (not including weekends). I am committed to trying to respond to you as soon as I am capable, even if it's simply to tell you that I have to look into what you are asking. I will always be as transparent with you as possible. Please keep in mind that I may not always give you the answer you want or think it should be, but my decisions will always have the students best interest at heart. I am responsible for taking ALL of my kids into consideration when making decisions. Our staff takes pride in providing the best instruction and most well-rounded experience we can.

You can reach me at: or 859-384-5325


Parents, if you could help your child practice their lunch number that would help significantly. We've attached (below) a practice key pad to use. If you do not know your child's lunch number you can contact your child's teacher and they will share it with you. I've also attached the breakfast and lunch menus below.

There are occasions (more now than we've previously seen) in which we are unable to get shipments in for certain orders. For example, today (Friday) none of the elementary schools received their pizza shipments. We will try to let you know as soon as we are informed so you can plan for that. There is always 2 choices for lunch, but I realize that pizza and chicken nugget days are where it's at for our kids.

Lunches and breakfasts are free this year because of a federal mandate due to Covid relief. However, families who fall in the Free or Reduced ranges are encouraged to still apply because families are eligible for other breaks (such as fees, etc.) only with an approved application. IF you have questions or would like assistance completing a form you can contact Kelsee Aker (FRC Coordinator) or Kay Rodgerson (Cafe Manager). /

Online Free/Reduced Food Application

Students who would like additional snack added to their lunches do have to pay for them. I have added the list and cost below for families. You can add money to your child's lunch account through the myschoolbucks app or you can send money to the cafeteria with your child.

If you have any meal related questions you can contact our Cafeteria Manager at 859-384-5331.


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I wanted to share some information regarding transportation. It's not a secret that there are many job openings all over, in all industries. We currently are short about 50+ drivers for our district. As a domino effect of this, it causes our district to either combine runs or to create double and triple runs, which in turn delays students from arriving at school or at home. I am asking you to have some patience. The transportation department is working tirelessly to find solutions for this.

I'm sure some of you are asking why didn't they plan for this over the summer? Well, it's not quite that easy. We have families enrolling all summer long, and we have some families that don't enroll until now. It takes a lot of planning to add bus stops to routes and account for students who move into different areas. In some cases a bus could be 1/2 full one week, and then when enrollments happen and additional students are added a bus could go to over crowded. What I do know is that it is being tackled.

Some of the hiccups we encountered this week are simply bus numbers. Because we have gone from 1000 students to about 650 we've had a reduction in buses. We've gone from 20 buses to 11. However, most of our drivers are exactly the same from last year, but their routes have been changed just a little. Which means if you rode bus A last year you might think you are riding A again, but you are really on bus B. That is why we've had to double check all of the routes with our kids this year. I do appreciate your patience with this. I'm sure it's not the only obstacle that we will need to hurdle this year, especially with worker shortages and state and federal mandates, but I do know that anything is possible. We will persevere.

I do want to commend the district, specifically the transportation department for trying to maintain transportation options. My understanding is that many other large districts experiencing the same issues are just canceling routes and leaving transportation up to families. I can only imagine the burden that this would be for many of our families. I will continue to keep you updated with any information that I receive, and we will continue to send all call's home to families as buses roll out later than anticipated.

My goal is to get our kids loaded and off the campus by about 3:50 / 3:55 next week if there are no delayed buses or double runs. We will inform you if there are.


If you haven't already heard we had our very first drill today. It was a fire drill and the kids DID AWESOME! We were very impressed. It was scary for a couple of our kids, but we will continue to walk them through it and practice. The goal, always is to be well prepared, and as we practice the kids will never know if it is a real need or just a practice.

We are required by law to do all of our drills in the first 10 days of school. We will practice the fire drill, severe weather drill, earthquake, and lockdown drills this coming week. Teachers talk to all students about them prior to this week. Each month we will have a fire drill and we will also have our other drills scheduled during specific times of the year. Please talk with your children and let them know that we are just practicing so we are prepared, and that it is very important for them to remain quiet during these drills and listen to their teacher's directions. - Thank you!

Parent Pick up

We have 25% of our school involved in parent or daycare pick up. With that amount of our student body being dismissed and then needing to assist with bus dismissal, we will open the specified doors at 3:25 - 3:30 so that parents can beat the traffic. Students that are not picked up at their specified doors before 3:40 will be brought to the office for pick up.

Students who are not permanent pick up (meaning they are picked up 5 days a week), need to have a note sent to school each day they will be picked up. If your child goes to Learning grove after school care on some days will only need notes on the days they are not going to after school care. If you are unsure, send a note to be safe. I would much rather we all operate on the side of caution.

5th grade Camp Carlisle

We have confirmed with UK 4-H about our 5th grade trip to camp Carlisle, and we are preparing to go. Our 5th grade team has sent home information regarding camp already, and we've had many background checks submitted. We will be leaving the morning of September 1st and arriving at camp about noon. We will spend the day involved in several activities and then will spend the night and finish the morning at camp. We will be returning to New Haven around 2:00 pm.

Parents who are confirmed chaperones can drive separately, but you must inform your child's teacher. We will need some chaperones to ride the buses if possible.

Students and adults will not have to wear masks while we are outside at camp. (most of the day) We all will be divided into different cabins. Each cabin has windows that can be opened and there is ventilation. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be done in 2 different planned shifts so that there is plenty of space in the dining hall to eat and distance.

For families that are not interested in sending their child to camp or families who do not want them to spend the night, students will be able to stay at New Haven and will spend the 2 days with another teacher. Students will work on different lessons and assignments that are similar to what students will be experiencing at camp. Students who do not go to camp and do not attend school will be marked absent.

Going to camp Carlisle is not required, it is just an experience that we have always had with our 5th grade students and want to continue to give that to them if we are able to. IF you have a specific question you can contact your child's homeroom teacher.

COVID- exposures and positives

If you, your child, or a family member that lives with you test positive for Covid we require you to contact our school nurse, Lori Loschiavo, as soon as possible. We are required to report, as well as, contact trace. You can reach Mrs. Loschiavo at 859-384-53258 or email her at

She is available to answer questions you may have as well. We will be offering the ability to test students for COVID at school. The test is not as invasive as the full nose swabs. More information regarding that will be shared soon.

We will notify families of any students within a class that have potential exposures. Students who have to quarantine will be given work from the classes either via Google classroom or given work packets (age dependent) to complete while in quarantine. Please keep an open dialogue with your child's teacher so that we can make arrangements with you.


As the year progresses we will begin exploring opening up several activities that we have previously had. We are planning on getting archery up and going again, as well as, Odyssey of the Mind teams, basketball, etc. We will continue to share information related to activities as much as we can. These are all optional, so if you are not comfortable with getting involved yet, that is perfectly fine.

Odyssey of the Mind - Kindergarten through 5th grade (small teams) - Parent / student informational meeting will be at New Haven on Wednesday, September 29th from 6:30 to 8:00. Dalynn Jenson will be the facilitator of the meeting. Meeting will be held in the library.

2021 Scout Sign up- Cub Scout Pack 805 / Kindergarten through 5th grade (boys & girls) - Flyer is attached below.

New Haven Archery- 4th and 5th grade only. - Informational meeting will be held in October. Parents and students must attend if interested. More information will be sent home in September.


Parent Teacher Organization! Stay connected!!!! Did you know you can join our PTO and all funds go directly back to the school? Not to mention, our parents organize amazing events for our kids and community and are always looking for great ideas! It really is a great opportunity to meet new families, make new connections, and of course stay connected to the school. We would love to have you become a part of it!

New Haven PTO

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Keep'n up with the Calendar! (dates will be added/ revised each month as needed)

August 2021

26th- SBDM @ 4:30 pm

30th - Sept. 3rd Baseline benchmarking (reading / math)

September 2021
1 & 2nd- 5th grade goes to Camp Carlisle

6th- Labor Day (no school)
10th- 1st Popcorn Friday!
15th- PTO General meeting (zoom) 7:00 pm
16th- SBDM @ 4:30 pm

20th- MIDTERMS go home for 4th & 5th graders!!!

20th- 24th- Resiliency Poll (3rd-5th)

21st- Primary Curriculum Night (5:00 to 7:00) ... K-2nd
22nd- Intermediate Curriculum Night (5:00 to 7:00) .... 3rd- 5th
29th- Odyssey of the Minds Awareness meeting for parents and students/ 6:30 - 8:00 pm

30th- Picture Day for all students

October 2021
1st- READ-A-THON Begins for K- 5th!!!
5th - CASE assessment Reading (2nd- 5th)
6th- CASE assessment Math (2nd - 5th)
8th- No school

11th- No school

13th- Book Fair begins
15th- Popcorn Friday!
18th- 1st quarter ends!
25th- Report cards go home for all students
29th- READ-A-THON school celebration!

9th- Parent / Teacher conferences 4:00 - 7:00 pm
11th- Veterans Day! /// Parent / Teacher conferences 4:00 - 7:00 pm
18th- SBDM @ 4:30 pm
19th- Popcorn Friday
24th- 26th- No School / Thanksgiving Break
29th- Dec. 3rd : SEL survey

December 2021
3rd- "PNO" (parent's night out) 6:00 - 9:00 (PTO sponsored event) more to come

16th- SBDM @ 4:30
17th- 2nd Quarter ends!
20th- Jan. 3rd - WINTER BREAK

See you in 2022!!!!

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