No Teacher Left Behind

Because All Students Deserve A Quality Education!

How can we fix it?

I would suggest that we hire more teacher coaches and lead teachers to ensure teachers have a go to when they need help educating students or preparing them for their next steps. In most cases teachers do not hold themselves to the same standard that they hold their students to. I believe that nation wide teachers need more effective professional development. I don’t believe that they should just hire people who don’t know themselves how to educate. These positions should be individuals that are passionate about students and teacher success. We need educators that will work until the job is complete. All teachers should be afforded the same opportunities so that they can offer all students the same opportunities. They should all receive the same trainings and be given the same materials. Budgets should be so that each school district is afforded the same opportunities.

Expect the Best!!

All teachers should be grades based on how their students are graded and their jobs should depend on that. Students are made to pass exams to graduate, to matriculate to the next grade, and to determine classrooms. The teachers are not as accountable for their actions. If I am a student and I have a teacher that does not teach me and I fail is that my fault or my teachers? Just as students must pass these exams, and the teachers jobs should be based on the results. Teachers, lessons plans should be review and graded not just to see they are done but to make sure they have planned engaging lessons and know how to educate students effectively.

Educating Students One Teacher At A Time!

Taking our nation's student to #1

Technology... HELP WANTED!!

I do believe that there is a lack of training as it relates to the ISTE Standards for teachers. I know that most of the teachers I know do not know as much about technology and it is easier if they do not use it. They do not have the knowledge needed to operate these devises. Thus, making it a problem when they try to use these things. Teachers are not required to take technology class but I believe that if they did it would benefit themselves and the students at large.