Class News

For Ms.Webster's 2nd Grade Class

Reading Project

You will choose a book from the library this week and begin reading it for your reading project. You will make a poster board to tell the class about the book you have read.

Pilgrim lesson

We will begin learning about the pilgrims voyage and how Plymouth Plantation came about.

50 states song/ Quiz

Students will listen to the "50 nifty states" song and learn the words and sing it in class. We will sing the song every day in class for the next 2 weeks and at the end of next week, I will quiz you on the states. Ie: How many states begin with "A" ?

Some electronics we will be using in class this week

Upcoming assignment: "What I am thankful for"

You will write down on a handout what you are thankful for. You will then color the border of the handout with crayon.

Optional Field Trip

This Friday, after class there will be an optional Field trip to Plymouth Plantation because of the Thanksgiving season and our recent lesson about the Pilgrims. It will cost 15$ and snacks and drinks will be included. This will not count for participation points but will be a fun and beneficial experience. Bus transportation will be provided to and from the school.

If you have any questions about this weeks work, contact me!